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Pornography has ceased to be an area dedicated exclusively to men. Women have stuck Determined heels sophisticated erotic pleasures in the world and the market profile ignited immediately. Mihaela Frank investigates.

hepta pornSeveral years ago I read in a number of ELLE article about toys” in sex-shop stylish British sites. The article was illustrated with all sorts of beautiful objects with sophisticated design: vibrators adorned with Swarovski crystals, precious handcuffs covered in the velvet, linen and silk and lace masks Chantilly, scented candles, fragrances and even a whip that looks so good as you could buy it on the spot and expose him home as decoration.
I decided then to write an article about sex-shops in Romania (which I did). So I came for the first time in a store like this. In fact, many. I saw a lot of dildos, vibrators of various shapes and colors (the lipstick shaped amused us most, in the editorial) Coils of cheap and latex suits, whips (which, if le- you buy, you feel the need to hide them in the secret drawer), various silicone cock rings, balls Asian-inspired, massage oils and creams flavored aphrodisiacs and more tacky lingerie. No sign of stylish items nes then, although I saw that almost all sex-shops in Bucharest most of them just a couple of tiny rooms had a section dedicated to pornographic films, admit no thought given me to cast more than a glance in their direction.

A world full of bad movies

A few months ago, but I walk through Bucuresti my husband imported from overseas, he noted the amazing density of widespread sex-shops everywhere both on the broad avenues, as well as the side-streets in May. Curious that every man who is in a foreign country, I wonder whether so many buyers to justify the myriad of shops. Frankly, I never noticed heavy traffic on the doors painted red, so I knew what to answer. | nes we came together in a few shops that have emerged in the way, to see what there was for sale. Nothing seemed to have changed from a few years ago the same products, the same general apathy. This time, however, I stopped for a leisurely study the selection of films available to the buyer. DVD covers and summaries on the back did not have attracted the least, so I kept looking, hoping that I will find at least one copy of Emmanuelle probably the most popular film genre on our land (in repertory funny stories of my friends about movies you saw, in times long past, the video, the most common is about giving kids and teens being over Emmanuelle box that their parents a well pitisera among movies Amazing as Asia or Mad Max …).

But no, no trace of sensual Emmanuelle or at least some other classic of the genre (not that I was a knowledgeable classic titles like, but even Deep Throat I’ve heard ). Only sex scenes in various combinations (two, three or more groups or less numerous), sadomasochistic, hardcore gay porn, interracial orgies or mono, blowjobs to hard anal penetrations and double cit includes. Hmm … A little hard for my taste, I thought. We chose, however, a film that seemed, from the presentation of the cover, as well as how to have a narrative. I have. After a few minutes of watching, I realized that I had no desire to see the “movie” until the end. Clichés over clichés, no trace of the story (even dialogue there, more or less), not to mention the qualities of artistic” totally nonexistent. Instead ignite my senses, viewed scenes made ​​me go through moods ranging between laughter and some embarrassment I think there are few things in this world that hamper me more than clichés. and sordid. And that movie excel in ambele.si however, I thought, there are still some clichés sexual fantasies, after all? What I imagine (and I wanted), in fact, to find a porn movie to attract me? Hmm … I could not immediately answer me this question, so I started to make a list of what I do in this video: funny costumes, the lack of narrative construction or when there ridiculous its cheap and tasteless decor and especially actors – especially actresses, some excess silicone Barbie dolls that start out sounds between ridiculous and grotesque as soon as they are touched by a man, another woman or even themselves. If men are able to imagine that women can even react during sex so I doubt that even women believe their counterparts who performs in such scenes. If you take it seriously, do not we only have you thinking that you fail because you have the same reaction Not to mention the fact that certain angles or close-ups provide the right sinister images that you instantly cut all my sex. Fine, all in all, it was a failed experiment, and the DVD that came in garbage bag.

We had one attempt to find a different kind of film in a sex shop in Bucharest. I walked in one day in one of the stores on Calea Victoriei, near the block where I lived until recently. A young (probably the young girl as seller) sitting in front of a computer. Both seemed somewhat embarrassed by our presence there. After I took a look at the video shelf same selection I asked the girl in the next room if they could recommend a movie we liked. She was quick to assure me that never watched such a film. Hmm … does not sound too encouraging. I realized pretty quickly that the chances of finding a porn movie as I imagine they are all too small. “It seems that you can not find here any porn for women whispered my husband when we went out the door. Porn for Women ?!I asked surprised. I did not know there was such a categorySurely I am not the only one intrigued by this phrase. Bag hand in the fire that most of you have already raised an eyebrow in question mark / wonder, reading the title of this article. This is for several reasons. One of them is that in Romania pornography is still taboo. How many of us would admit openly that explores, at least from time to time, this area or would be tempted to do? (Not even a friend of a seller of a sex shop would admit it nohow, and can it really did not look into her life such a be … And I sincerely hope that the mother will not read ELLE this month.) In the best case, the general perception is that pornography is a sin” tasted men rather than women (of course, not talking about our men, God forbid, but about that perverted or desperate alone …).


Lucie Wilde with toys

Lucie Wilde – PORN VIDEO

Lucie WildeLucie Wilde probably the girl with the biggest tits in the world, teaches us how she likes to relax with their toys in the afternoon lying on the living room. When the video begins Lucie Wilde seems to want to teach us how to see their favorite TV or video games, but as clothes off is clear that their intentions are different. What Lucie Wilde wants to teach are toys, dildos with whom you like to spend the evening at home. We are delighted with the change, but the truth is that we would crochet if necessary just to see the fabulous tits again. Even see lie is hypnotic, it is what has to possess a so huge boobs, whatever you do, even sneezing, it is worthy of being recorded and displayed. Finally, a visit more than one of the usual tits for reasons are obvious. Not extend more presentation, we leave you to enjoy one of the most busty women who are on the face of the earth.


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The predilection for the MILF will be fed to see an American porn actress like Lisa Ann (the typical topic of porn in the United States) in a lesbian fucking with (although American) Latin porn star Nina Mercedez. Dildos or big dildos to play like bitches, hot weather, and vice silicone tits. What more could you want in a lesbian porn scene? Your cunnilingus, her masturbation, using toys and the curiosity to see two girls love each other well. I missed a bit of anal sex in the video, it would have been the perfect finish. We must nevertheless say that this scene is very powerful because they are two of the best porn actresses (or at least most wanted on the Internet and the most media attention, especially Lisa Ann, who fucked half NBA) of time as, for example The digital magazine KeezMovies. Gloria blessed for your straws. And do not forget that Nina Mercedez also features AVN porn awards.


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Grey Keisha and her toys

Grey Keisha – Porn Video

Grey KeishaKeisha Grey only takes a couple of years in this porn but for some time it has reached its maturity as a porn star. We had not yet had the opportunity to enjoy any porn video Keisha Grey but today will remedy this circumstance. The first thing to say about this porn actress from Florida is that, although it has reached its maturity in this fuck in front of the camera, continues to maintain a youthful air that makes it delicious. Of course, a person who maintains that youthful, still retains her love for her toys. Anyway, so begins the porn scene today, with Keisha playing with one of her favorite toys, a stimulating her clitoris with which combusts before today mate appears. From there a fuck in which young porn actress exposes all its virtues, among which we must not forget to mention its stunning natural tits occurs. We can not think of better way to close the week with this porn video Keisha Grey.


Sandy Summers was porn star, she has Changed Life and Earn Millions of Dollars.

Sandy Summers aka Daiane DeJeus, was a porn star famous and appreciated her audience, but some time is output from the scene dellhard and many wonder what it does today. Well it turned out that earns $ 5 million a year after changing radically work.

Sandy Summers porn star

The woman left her promising career as a porn actress almost seven years ago and is a dieventata youtuber famous in the gaming industry for children.

Exactly why she has started to review games and toys especially Disney and has racked up quite 3.7 million followers on the youtube channel CC Toys.

A great change of course that explains the desire of Daiane DeJeus to remain almost anonymous on Youtube. Platform sharing of video, office movies where discards, use toys and wrote a review of Disney and its videos have been viewed almost 3 billion times. A giant number that makes the queen of Youtube and between the youtuber who earn more than ever and with a following very high.


Esperanza Gomez with two stallions in a threesome

Esperanza GomezPorn actress Esperanza Gomez with two stallions in a threesome! Porn by CubanKings!

Esperanza Gomez (famous for having the giant clitoris ) started in porn in 2009 and today is one of the most valued Latin and international porn stars. Her brown hair and breasts operated (perfect for tit and receive milk) that have been touched Gorriaga bells as never stops working for both CubaKings as other seals porn. Latin Esperanza Gomez is that everyone has dreamed, that you eat quality cock sucking, which knows how to receive anal sex, vaginal and vice face all the time. No doubt more and give the little button to see a straw to make as God intended with this gorgeous Colombian . The Latin porn, the style, cool especially after the asses of porn actresses.


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Why fear when women have sex?

Why fear when women have sex?

Women have always been very concerned with how they look in front of their beloved but rather how it behaves in the bedroom. Experts say that very often they do the fair sex so much about their appearance that they come to fear the reaction partner.

That is why a woman becomes shy and withdrawn in the bedroom:

1. Can look too fat in lingerie

While a man finds it very sexy woman dressed in lace underwear lenejrie, it does not believe the same thing because he knows very well when the body is in shape or not. When she is not confident, a woman ; frightened and sexy image turns into smoke.

2. Do not want to reveal her stretch marks and cellulite

Kisses, massage and naked bodies are always present before a sex. But a woman can feel insecure when her boyfriend is focusing on areas with stretch marks and cellulite thereof.

3. I think it will not be able to properly nurture partner

When it comes to sexual stimulation and answers her fears a woman will not be able to properly nurture partner and that be the end game will be too fast or not at all.

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Asa Akira in a very hot lesbian show! 

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How to have sex like a porn star?

Even if you hate the fact that your boyfriend is looking occasionally porn or prefer to look and you with him, you always ask this: how do porn stars to stir the hottest male fantasies? A porn star is everything a good girl wants to be, but this does not mean that it does not want to apply certain tricks of starlets to spice up your sex life.

Want to capture the full attention of your lover, as does his favorite porn star? Here are some tricks that even porn stars share them without the need for cameras:


When it comes to sex, men do not take into account the prelude and want to go straight to the facts.

Secret of Porn star: Why hurry? Sex is not all about sex itself. Porn star Angela Aspen says: Foreplay is a big part of the seduction.’ll See that in porn all starts with caresses and kisses.

You can start with fine touches nipples across his body with kisses on the inner thighs and stroking his penis even when it still has underwear.

Make him want you and you can not resist!

Stroke your arms slightly, chest, legs and hips, telling your story with your hands and body before you touch each other“, added Angela Aspen.

Give the only pleasure as he looks!

Masturbation is an act so private that you do not ever let a man look you

Secret of Porn star: Men love to have sex, but a woman’s eyes while masturbating can excite them to the maximum. Would never deny that!

I encourage the girls to do. Trying to think of how many positions you masturbate: normal sex positions, minus the man“, says Angela Aspen.

While masturbate ask him where he wants to touch Men dream of a girl to meet in front of them! And certainly your lover will guide like his fantasies!

Kissing and licking

If you agree with kissing and touching with nipples on his entire body, you can bring something new touching her skin slowly tongue, licking it from top to bottom.

Secret of Porn star: Porn stars know definitely how to achieve their partner having sex with tongue! With natural lubricant saliva is a perfect way not only to stimulate the penis, but his erogenous zones.

Play with tongue around his sensitive areas such as nipples, earlobes and testicles. She was then that his favorite part is after the way gems.” Says porn starlet Angela Aspen.

You can blindfold him to surprising him! It will excite even more when you do not know which side to be licked.

Angela Aspen

Location says it all!

If you prefer sex in the bedroom porn stars advise you otherwise!

Secret of Porn star: Porn actresses not only use the bedroom, but the kitchen, each room of the house, even the garage!

Maybe the bed is comfortable, but other rooms may be more interesting For example, you can have sex on the desk in many positions: on back, butterfly booster seat etc.

Change positions!

Usually use the same positions and movements

Secret of Porn star: Even when you think you’ve got to know what your lover likes in bed, you need to be aware that his tastes can change. What you want today may be different from what you want tomorrow!

What she likes a guy, not necessarily the will like each other!

Using a technique for fellatio can bring the rapture guy while another will not like,” says Candida Royalle porn star.

Try to be as wide in bed and be attentive to his side!

Candida Royalle

Toys !!!

Do not use them because you seem very kinky!

Secret of Porn star: porn actresses use toys rather perverse, but you do not need whips and handcuffs to feel good. Many starlets agree that a normal vibrator is a must for sexually active and interesting.

Ahhhh it’s good!

You are shy when it comes to tell him that you feel good? I always have to tell it is a perfect lover, but a few compliments will not hurt.

Secret of Porn star: Porn stars are not afraid to express their pleasure not at all! When your partner gives you unforgettable sensations, do not you all just for you!

For men, the biggest fear is to not be bad in bed“, says Candida Royalle. That’s good,” “I like doing this“, “I get crazy when you do that are just a few things i can say while they have sex.

Sex in heels

Secret of Porn star: Open your ponytail and let your hair free and easy ruffled. Wear a sexy lingerie and take your highest heels.

Men are really crazy about this look! And this is because they put more emphasis on the issue.

Porn stars always wear heels and sexy lingerie to excite and partner only with a simple parade in front of him.


I‘ll never admit that you had or that you fantasize about two men or why not a woman. As any lover you would not reveal that he has fantasized about Blake Lively and Mila Kunis, as you start to cry

Secret of Porn star:  Try to open an exciting discussion about sex, about having sex with a woman (men love the image of two women having sex, there would never be against lesbians) and do various scenarios.

For example, sex with a stranger, he playing here the role of the unknown

Be a little selfish!

If in real life you’re too tired, stressed and try to satisfy his every whim, need to do something for you!

Secret of Porn star: In bed head be you!

Tell him exactly what you want, be tough, pull hair gently while you oral sex, biting lip when it slowly kissing and slaps him when he’s a naughty boy.


If in addition to sexy lingerie and high heels she do a striptease, your lover will be extremely excited.

Secret of Porn star: Whatever does not give up heels! Start striptease with gentle movements, giving you a first down strap bra.

Not only sit facing him, but backwards! Men love to watch a woman dancing lascivious butt


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