Nacho Vidal gets married!

Nacho Vidal gets married

The celebrated performer Nacho Vidal published through his profiles on Instagram and Twitter a mysterious image of a female hand curled, with the legend As she said yes”. It is striking to see how a month after no national specialized media was echoed such news (maybe they have done and he will be the need to broaden their sources). Anyway, between the responses and comments from his followers were shuffled a couple of candidates but keeping the mystery, the only thing Nacho Vidal ventured to deny is that there was Clarita’ (in apparent reference to Klara Gold, a their most recent known couples).

Nacho Vidal

FinallyLucky One” has not proven to be as surprising as it is his ex-wife, the Colombian actress Franceska Jaimes, which broke about a year ago after 14 of relationship and two children together. This time, unlike the previous and despite it not be too sympathetic to the clergy, the ceremony was held by the church in the village where he grew up.

Speaking to the Colombian daily El Tiempo, the porn actor said that the reasons for their separation were not caused by anything concrete, if already is complicated, imagine working together and common errors any couple. But after spending a period of hummingbird has realized that Franceska is the woman of his life and the only one who endures.

Recently Nacho Vidal, who turns 41 in December, has also made headlines by organizing a casting to choose his successor.



Sandra Milka returns to porn.

Sandra Milka Cover

It’s official: Sandra Milka returns to porn. In late December and detect a first strategic move that foreshadowed the actress will return to public life: She became a Twitter account. Yes, it‘s silly but after spending a season in ostracism, hiring their services available only through the agency La Gata Encantada BCN, the fact show again accessible to the public and meant something. Or maybe not, but in her profile of that social network is presented as erotic actress” and that does not seem to refer to their current situation or their last foray known in film, DeadCam’ the horror film directed by Conrad Son.

Sandra Milka Twitter

Finally, after several messages reliving moments of glory, a tweet from her friend and manager, Camila Montalban, clearing the cobwebs:

Currently there is no more data because some kind of surprise for mid-February reserve, but make it clear that Sandra Milka is currently working in Budapest, we assume that for some European production rolling.

Interestingly one of the biggest concerns is whether Sandra fans still remember How would Bartokomous Balki because oh yes, do not be ridiculous!’. And if there is still a straggler out there, do not worry now you refresh the memory.

Like so many others, Sandra Milka debuted Torbe hand, in late 2010. At 20 years old and thanks to her smile, sexual self-confidence and an amazing pair of natural tits, the Spanish-German quickly become one of Hollywood most active and sought after Puta Locura where did averse nor his controversial bukkakes. Later, between 2011 and 2012, rolled with Cumlouder, MMM100 and FAKings before retiring, for reasons that are still not very clear.

Sandra Milka big tits



Robert Pires surprised while watching porn.

Former Arsenal star Robert Pires, is the protagonist of an embarrassing moment. The former midfielder of gunners” and switched to favorite” porn on his Twitter account with the intention to follow the “actionlater. Robert Pires forget, however, that all accounts listed under favorites” are public and anyone can view the user preferences has a Twitter.

Pires is married since 2007 with French supermodel Jessica Lemarie, with whom he has two children.


Robert Pires surprised while watching porn


Robert Pires


Amateur photos of Amy Anderssen!

Porn actress Amy Anderssen enter on her Twitter and choose the best amateur pictures that rises from day to day, posing scantily clad or naked. Amy Anderssen, before it was a normal girl, blonde, who gradually grew into a doll silicone to lose their natural curves of a woman.

Amy Anderssen Erotic Pics:

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Nacho Vidal… goodbye porn!?

Nacho Vidal - goodbye porn 2O ‘Chronicle of a Death Foretold’, as you prefer: this was coming. Perhaps we did not know to say whether it would be in five years, as he stated after his release from ‘Survivor’, or this week, as announced a few hours ago on his Twitter account, but it was clear that after participating in the reality abduction and subsequent media circus of Telecinco, Nacho Vidal days were numbered in porn.

Perhaps all is false and simply a ploy to try to try to keep his name in the headlines. Or maybe not, maybe Nacho really has had enough of porn and thoughtfully (or not) has decided to redirect their lives in another direction, in which case what we should ask is: this time will be the final ?. Do not forget that Nacho Vidal and parked his career as a performer in 2005 when he married Franceska Jaimes, and just three years later returned to the ring longing for the old days.

You may think this way influenced by the injury he suffered in his penis. Apparently, sleep in the open so many nights on the island have left some consequences that affect the shape and length of the tool and, what is worse, they cause severe pain in erection (now, following the tax treatment in the Hospital San Rafael de Madrid, is required to connect to an artificial low contraption for six hours a day, the next six months). Even professional resignation could be imposed by prescription, you go figure …

As usual, the answers to all these questions know only the time, but we have to start being aware that however much that may be irreplaceable Nacho Vidal, will not last forever in porn. Not a bad idea to start psych.

Nacho Vidal - goodbye porn


Dannii Harwood, porn diva, charmed famous Gascoigne!

Dannii Harwood charmed famous Gascoigne!

Dannii Harwood

The former English footballer Paul Gascoigne has his eye on a channel Playboy TV star, Dannii Harwood.

Blonde, famously including the Internet, where do videochat, denies that she would know Gascoigne, but betrays her Twitter account, revealing that things are not so. It seems that the woman of 31 years would be noted on Gazza in the vicinity of a hotel next to her home in Poole, Dorset, and sent a message on Twitter: Hey I saw you today at the hotel, thank you for that you have posed with my son’s friends. “Former International immediately replied: Yes, really, that was not a big deal, you look good!”

Paul Gascoigne

After a series of posts, it seems that the two met face to face. Gascoigne, 47, has recently gone through an intensive course of alcoholism, which he finished in April.


See how get naked porn actress Tera Patrick on Twitter!

PHOTO! See how get naked porn actress Tera Patrick on Twitter! As with other stars, for Tera Patrick Twitter has turned into a transmission channel to the home-made sexy poses.

Tera Patrick body

The legendary porn actress obsession has developed a mobile phone that has posed enormous breasts whenever she could. The hottest picture shown on Tera Patrick her photos in the mirror and bare implants, but neither stances that stand to tear off her clothes or lascivious lies down in the bathroom are not junk. Or are they?

VIEW GALLERY BELOW with Tera Patrick:

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Unexpected link between a porn actress and ONU Twitter account

NEWS: Unexpected link between a porn actress and ONU Twitter account! +PHOTO


A Twitter user has discovered an incredible blunder committed by the person using the account of the United Nations.

Normally ONU Twitter account follows postures of foreign dignitaries and heads of state.

One user noted that the list is followed by the ONU and the account of a German porn actress, Penelope Black Diamond.

Once the media found out about this mistake, the account administrator Twitter ONU mistake corrected, but without making any statement about the incident. Currently, she is no longer included in the list.



The reaction of most popular porn site in the world after Brazil-Germany

Reaction of porn site in the world after Brazil-Germany: We ask fans to …

pornhub Brasil-Germany

Passionate of porn, game BrazilGermany saw as a real “rape” of the Germans, which is why they started to load the porn website Pornhub phase match. Site reaction came immediately.

After Germany beat Brazil 7-1, Internet fans began to load the site Pornhub sequences of gaps under the title of “Young Brazilian rape of German football team.” However, shortly website asked fans via a message on Twitter, to abandon it.

Please do not uploading site with stages of the match. Our section is full of public humiliation. # BrazilvsGermany” was written by Pornhub message posted on Twitter.



Riley Steele, incredibly sexy and perverse on Twitter.

Login to see what perverse pictures put porn actress Riley Steele tempts their fans on the Twitter social network ! Riley Steele, incredibly sexy and perverse on Twitter.

Born on August 26, 1987 in California, Riley Steele is one of the most beautiful and sensual porn actresses in America. Gorgeous blonde grew up in Escondido, California before beginning her career in the porn industry worked at Starbucks and at a bar in a golf course. Riley Steele decided to become a porn star after she met the already famous Jesse Jane. After that meeting, contacted young Joon, Digital Playground founder, who gave him a contract that very day. The first sex scene filmed it in 2008 in the film Pirates II: Stagnetti’s Revenge.

Riley Steele, Twitter photo:

Riley Steele nasty


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