There were hundreds of people present, but they were not inhibited at all! An adult film star made ​​XXX show with two women, at her birthday!

There were hundreds of people present, but they were not inhibited at all! An adult film star made XXX show with two women, at her birthday. Was celebrated of evening, so no inhibition started to entertain guests as she knows better. So, without a moment to sit thinking, started to make a show XXX adult movies worthy of appearing. True, there were only a few hundred people present, but … not intimidated.

Cristina Nitulescu xxx star

Cristina Nitulescu because of it it is one of the XXX stars from Romania who over time have gained huge fame through his appearances abroad by the lack of inhibition when it comes to sex in front of cameras. Day, blonde bombshell turned 26 years old, so perfect for a hot party that did not lack other stars from the world of adult productions like Jasmine Rouge and Ginger Devil.

As the birthday girl wanted her birthday to be a memorable one, and the party is one with totally unique, with a friend of hers, all blonde, all tuned, and as sexy as her began to make a show downright incendiary. The Cristina Nitulescu and Kamilla, as is known buddy XXX star did not hesitate to dance together in the most provocative way possible. They comforted kissed, they mimicked sex, and when the atmosphere is hot, applause viewers, touching forbidden appeared, blondes touching his private parts are fully through, groaning and making their appearance. ..

Obviously, one did not come Cristina show, so hot well, took her to the dance and another XXX star, Ginger Devil. And debauchery spiked two showing all which is why they have become so popular in the world of adult film.

Cristina Nitulescu porn star

Moreover, Cristina Nitulescu recognizes that everything is passionate about her job means even more scenes involved with another woman causes him greater pleasure. The second man in my life was porn. I discovered my sexuality and I realized that I love to do this. I have not got the money, which is different. No nympho, are a woman who likes sex. (…) I shot with a woman and a man. Anyway I had a small side with women. I’m bisexual, I’m … just a little story XXX star.

Cristina Nitulescu