The most dangerous sex position.

The most dangerous sex position. Results of a recent study published in the Journal of Urology in the United States have shown that one of the most popular sex positions for men is the most dangerous for them.

woman on top the most dangerous position

The position of woman on top” would appear to be responsible for almost half of the cases of sexual accidents, accidents from which men are suffering greatly, both physically and mentally. The explanation lies in the fact that this position puts the center of gravity of the woman exactly the penis, and any wrong move can lead to accidents.

Health experts recommend that couples prefer this position to adapt so as to avoid any possibility of injury: woman leaning lightly on the chest partner and movements will no longer be controlled only by her, but by both.

In this way, its center of gravity will be positioned somewhere on the abdomen of the man, not the penis, and it will help your partner to get easier and point G lover.


A porn actress supports Hillary!

Holly Wellin, porn actress supports Hillary!

British porn actress Holly Wellin wants to follow in the footsteps of the famous Monica Lewinsky. Specifically, only 21 years young, known for her XXX films , involving much violence, and lesbian scenes, she proposed to become an intern at the White House, in the event that Hillary Clinton will become the first woman president of the United States . “I like Hillary and want to help them take revenge against infidels Bill in the Oval Office” said Wellin. In the meantime, Mrs. Clinton has long struggled to become head of state last primary election results recorded during a deeply disappointing. To recover, Hillary has even replaced the head of the campaign, hoping that such will become better rated.

Holly Wellin


Porn actress with biggest ass prohibited in England.

Famous for her ass and voted among the best porn actors. Roxy Reynolds won a fortune on the eve of various festivals, being escorted luxury Premier League footballers, actors and public figures in London. This year, however, porn actress has bad luck.

Porn actress had trouble on the border with England this year, on December 18, not allowed to enter the country, the Heathrow airport. Aged 27, Roxy Reynolds used a tourist visa, which allows it to work in England and was forced to return to the United States. A source told British tabloid The Sun: “A lot of Roxy clients will feel lonely this Christmas.”




The porn industry in the United States, blocked by the gesture of an actor. What he did?

American porn actor Mr. Marcus was sentenced to 30 days in jail after admitting he is responsible for the epidemic of syphilis that blocked the porn industry in the USA in August.

American porn actor Mr. Marcus admitted that he illegally changed the medical tests showed he was suffering from syphilis to continue to play adult film. At least nine other players were sick because of Mr. Marcus (real name Jesse Spencer), so the porn industry activity in the United States was blocked in August 2012 due to the outbreak of syphilis. Mr. Marcus was sentenced to 30 days in prison for his deed.

Mr. Marcus




Alexis Adams: Sucking !

Alexis Adams

A video that fits according exclusively to a blowjob. This classic porn is a bit forgotten in our latest videos that were more focused on not less pleasurable art of seeing fucking porn actress turn. Finally, the charge of demonstrating her talent for oral sex on video today is the young Alexis Adams, a porn actress born in the United States in 1992, despite her youth, has extensive experience in this before swallowing camera. Its great natural, huge and juicy tits, as we like around here, serve as accompaniment while we work as a professional, always from a first person perspective. It is a great pleasure to see her sucking although it is true that we envy corrodes to see the work that makes the lucky bastard rolling with it … In short, a work of ten of Alexis Adams from the beginning to the end.


You’ll never guess who is the porn capital of the United States!

A study conducted at the request of Men’s Health magazine offered a surprising answer to the question What is the porn capital of the United States? You’ll never guess who is the porn capital of the United States!

Well, according to the Huffington Post, this is neither cosmopolitan Las Vegas or Los Angeles, the soul of the film industry, including XXX, but Orlando, Disney World house, a town in sunny Florida, the state that is represented by the other two locations, Tampa and Miami in Top 12 of American urban pornography. On top novelty composition were taken into account several criteria such as the number of DVDs specialty” rented, sold or downloaded from the internet, based on the number of inhabitants, accessories XXX in adult stores or number of searches for the word porn” on Google.

porn capital of the United States


Audrey Bitoni, American porn actress

American porn actress… Audrey Bitoni… Porn…

Name of the actress: Audrey Bitoni

Audrey Bitoni is a porn actress from the United States that began to fool around with porn with only 18, when it became girl posing for Playboy mogul porn industry. She began studying journalism, but soon noticed that too pussy itched and that porn was a nice way to enjoy the blowjob, masturbation, orgies and anal and vaginal penetrations. I had no doubt he would know ejaculations receive milk and enjoy with vice and joy. This 31 years old porn actress named Audrey Bitoni is a brunette milf with big tits and operated ass to sow cocks fours. Here we bring a considerable tail that fucks quickly.

Audrey Bitoni

Audrey Bitoni


Lisa Ann and Nina Mercedez in a lesbian fuck

Brunettes porn actresses Lisa Ann and Nina Mercedez in a lesbian fuck! Porn Video!

The predilection for the MILF will be fed to see an American porn actress like Lisa Ann (the typical topic of porn in the United States) in a lesbian fucking with (although American) Latin porn star Nina Mercedez. Dildos or big dildos to play like bitches, hot weather, and vice silicone tits. What more could you want in a lesbian porn scene? Your cunnilingus, her masturbation, using toys and the curiosity to see two girls love each other well. I missed a bit of anal sex in the video, it would have been the perfect finish. We must nevertheless say that this scene is very powerful because they are two of the best porn actresses (or at least most wanted on the Internet and the most media attention, especially Lisa Ann, who fucked half NBA) of time as, for example The digital magazine KeezMovies. Gloria blessed for your straws. And do not forget that Nina Mercedez also features AVN porn awards.


Lisa Ann mature milf

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Capri Anderson looking for job in porn industry.

Porn Star Capri Anderson looking for job in porn industry.

If you have not heard of Capri Anderson, this is one of the most popular adult film stars. Beautiful aged 22 years is part of the new wave of porn stars that came to replace was silicone. It seems that the public has shifted, preferring moment actresses as natural beauty, fewer plastic surgery (probably porn student would have more success if they were born in the United States). Capri Anderson is yet early career and the films she made are “home-made”, with her friend. But the star appears in films by renowned production houses, alone or in the company of other ladies who want to know the success in the field.

Capri Anderson


The porn industry.

There really Crisis?!? Apparently so And while people lose their jobs, prices rise, demand for products falls, sales fall, it seems that companies are closing and another branch of the economy is in trouble. Do not know what branch?!? 

I tell you: The porn industry !!! Recently the news reached my ears and never stop laughing! And to see how far it goes democracy in the world:

The porn industry

Learn to dive financially, so famous Larry Flint (Hustler magazine founder) and Joe Francis (XXX movie producer) asked Congress to help save the industry. The amount that could prevent the crisis is five billion dollars, estimated the two, while the pornography industry generates annually in the United States, a turnover of 13 billion dollars. “Because of the economic crisis, people are too depressed to be sexually active. This is a very bad thing for their health. Americans can do without a car, but not without sex“, says Flynt document asking Congress to helprevive sexual desire of Americans and a similar bailout for the auto industry. Hustler founder drew otherwise out that sales of DVDs for adults decreased in the last 12 months, reaching 22% lower than in 2007. “The US government should actively support the survival and development of the industry for adults , as he feels the need to support any other industry girlfriend Americans” , concluded Joe Francis

In short US government must decide: give $ 5 billion porn industry or not?!? I did that for the first US government is in a dilemma! Why?!? Because the porn industry has become (be careful !!!) only activity PROFITABLE! Given the definition of economy between saving and saving automotive porn, guess that should be saved? (wonders of democracy more )

“Because of the economic crisis, people are too depressed to be sexually active.“> Why?!? Let’s see:

1. Does it matter that you have no job? What Larry Flint> NOT take your porn, you crank, hit the monkey and ready, you do not need food! (All problems were solved!)
2. Matters as prices rise? What Larry Flint> NO … we always will maintain affordable prices so anyone not suffer” from this crisis (and therefore still a problem solved)
3. Does it matter that the world has no money what Larry Flint> YES!!! Women are so desperate that now no longer marry for money, but out of love! 🙂