Stormy Daniels wants to be senator.

Stormy Daniels: Porn star wants to be senator.

Stormy Daniels Porn star divaStormy Daniels, one of the biggest porn stars in USA, has decided to stand up to current senator from Louisiana presenting the position of senator in 2010. Through draft calls for public support for submission to the next election. Stormy Daniels is 29 and nearly 100 title in her career as a porn actress.

“Originally my intention was not to become a candidate, but to draw attention to the election, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive so all we have left out. I’m always ready for a good fight, anyone who knows me knows. Politics can be a lot dirtier than the job I have now.

It was a group of fans who through have encouraged the actress as intended “sweep Louisiana corrupt politicians once and for all.” The idea is to overthrow the current state senator, Republican David Vitter, known publicly that his phone number was used to request service company ladies”.



Aria Giovanni, goddess of eroticism.

Aria Giovanni Goddess of eroticism: Cindy Renee Volk (born. November 3, 1977) better known as Aria Giovanni is an American erotic model. Her real name is Cindy Renee Volk. Born in Long Beach, California, USA. She grew up in Los Angeles, California and attended high school in the county of Orange. Her father was Italian-Yugoslav and her mother was French-GermanIrishIndian mixture of races that is the beauty of Aria Giovanni who happens to be of the most beautiful and sensual erotic models that never existed beyond. About her early life, Aria Giovanni realized it was quite shy, with the typical retracted girl and moved away from other children at school, being very complex to feel the ugly duckling of the group.

Aria Giovanni Goddess of eroticism

She received her early college years in the career of Biology. In addition to her studies, he received private lessons in mathematics and worked as a waitress at several cafes and bars to finance their studies. It was during this time that she decided to enter the world of modeling. She began to respond newspaper ads in late 1998 and soon began appearing on various amateur porn websites such as BubbleGirls, Amateur Pink, Busty Amateurs and Seductive Amateurs.

It was for Busty Amateurs when achieving his first major, to be known as Kennedy between the famous models of the era, such as Dazzie Kellog and Alissa Perry wins.

In 2000, Aimee Sweet another beautiful model of the usual models Suze Randall present to the photographer Aria Giovanni, who in May of that year took photos of Aria that appeared in Penthouse magazine, being in September of that year the “Penthouse Pet “month in the journal. At the same time, appeared on the Web site Bomis, posing clothed for a Ferrari competition.

During the same period of the photo sessions for Penthouse, was transferred to the University of California, San Diego, to obtain the degree in Biochemistry and a BA in English Writing. However, he decided to leave school because they felt that the workload for such studies would not leave time to be posing the level of work she wanted I knew I could always return to school, but probably could not return to the world of Erotic Photography.

An important event in her artistic life was when the pose for Penthouse magazine was contacted by the softcore film producer Andrew Blake, who initially Blondes and Brunettes starred in 1999 after her film Aria in 2000, and Justine as co- protagonist of Aimee Stuart in 2001. it was in 2004 when she produced his first film, Meridians of Passion, which was received with great enthusiasm, more for the community of fans of the Goddess” that the international market.

She has appeared in several films of softcore type, though her scenes are almost always lesbian type, where the sexual contact has been implicitly. However, there is a video of Bubble Girls recorded in September 1998 in which she is seen experiencing pleasure with her body (masturbation with his hands, introducing whole hand and various objects into her vagina, and a scene where caresses the body as urine), to which numerous interviews said frankly: “It was a mistake, we all make mistakes and I think that video did not help get the current place has my career, I have no regrets because we must learn from our mistakes, but I think it was a mistake. Despite having received numerous offers for passage to hardcore, has just made some softcore, lesbian and solo works of Andrew Blake‘s hand, causing his refusal that the desire of fans grow further.

In 2001 she performed with Monica Snatch in the movie Survivors Exposed, a parody of the television series Survivor. She also appeared in the TV dating show Shipmates (episode 16 November 2001).

Aria Giovanni has also appeared in bondage, fetish and artistic photography. It has gained special respect for belonging to the few models, busty, working in the field without undergoing cosmetic surgery.

She is currently divorced, having been married a few years with rock guitarist John Lowery, better known as John 5, ex-guitarist of Marilyn Manson and currently guitarist for Rob Zombie

In 2008 she participated in the first episode PG Porn project created by James Gunn and defined himself as porn for people who like porn all except sex”.

Great Friend of the photographer Holly Randall daughter of her discoverer Suze Randall has posed for her countless times forming a terrific tandem, having made large sets of high quality and eroticism, Aria Giovanni, has made sets of unquestionable beauty and eroticism with their known also friends and coworkers and never had sex with men like Jelena Jensen, Aimee Sweet, Justine Joli (Justine if you have made many movies hard but only gir / girl) and Sunny Leone (although the latter as we have discussed elsewhere earlier article on our website) determined to make only passing scenes hard to make explicit lesbian sex with men. Aria Giovanni despite having received numerous juicy offers to make hard core never contemplate that option increasing even more the desire for directors, producers and especially their fans numbering in the legions. In one of his last interviews confessed her friend Holly Randall that its withdrawal was already coming, too bad that this happened because the model more hot and more desired in recent years across the network would be lost today yet its withdrawal being next, still sought from all corners of the world to pose for all kinds of events, conventions, lingerie and cosmetics firms, only in erotic poses its own web domain for the following dedicated full or for renowned photographers and magazines.

Aria Giovanni erotic pics:

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Silvia Saint, the sweet face of a porn star!

Silvia Saint

On February 12, 1976 in Czech Republic was the birthday of Sylvie Tomcalová, whose stage name ended up being Silvia Saint. Its origins were humble, but her beauty soon made her stand out as model lingerie. After graduating she worked as responsible Brno hotel, and accounting and marketing coordinator, jobs that did not provide much economically, so the decided to boost her modeling career. Soon posing nude for magazines and was her boyfriend who encouraged her to stand for a casting for an American pornographic film. In 1996 she becomes a “girl Penthouse” magazine Czech, and two years later it would be for the USA version. Silvia Saint jump to fame thanks to her porn sets and remembered by her double penetration, oral and anal sex, in addition to its taste for black men. Her work for the company Private Media Group made famous. She has shot some 262 films, measured 1.65 cm, weighs 50 kg, and its measurements are 36c23-26.



The fetish lesbian Dita Von Tesse.

Marilyn Manson was walking drunk or very high when he let out such a woman. He received the divorce the day of his birthday. Rumour that took a week to realize that she had left him. She is Dita Von Tesse. Burlesque queen of the genre. The fetish lesbian Dita Von Tesse.

Dita Von Tesse

Heather Renée Sweet was born in September 1972 in Michigan (USA). Since childhood she was fascinated by the glamor of the stars of classic cinema of the 40s When she was 12 she moved to California and studied ballet. She began working at a lingerie store and secretly read Playboy. Everything was a fascination with lingerie and corsets and at home hiding from their parents, practiced striptease before her mirror. At 19 she started working at a club striptease and gloves and corsets caught the attention of Playboy magazine for which she posed shortly after. Seeking ideas in a phonebook found the stage name he wanted to have: Dita Von Tesse. In 1991 she saw an image of Bettie Page and began using his style in the photo shoots. Years later had to leave after criticism of plagiarism received. Her career in burlesque genre began in 1993. It is very famous number in which it is immersed in a giant martini glass. Her experience in porn focuses on several films by Andrew Blake as Pin-Ups 2 and Decadance and some other themed sado maso as Stiletto Sluts. The musician Marilyn Manson began a relationship with Dita seven-year marriage that ended in December 2005. But after a year of marriage Dita filed for divorce in January 2007 citing “irreconcilable differences.” Marriage Manson to Dita helped to achieve international renown. Today Dita has abandoned her career in porn and has become a glamorous model several renowned international brands of cosmetics and fashion.


Shelby Chesnes becomes independent

Shelby Chesnes Sexy Photos …

Do you yet know Shelby Chesnes? Well, now let’s remedy her boobs. The history of this sensual model from Florida, USA, is written from the day she was born. With a mother who was dedicated to photography and born Valentine’s Day was more than clear that his mission was love in this world through the camera. If you get it? Judge for yourselves. This spectacular brunette, possessed of amazing natural tits, has succeeded as a model and Playmate. In fact we are talking about a whole Playboy Miss July. From that moment Shelby likes to celebrate Independence Day, apparently did not pay much attention before award. If we look at the history we can see that it makes sense, since their first perched made on the beach with her mother for it to experiment with light filters in photographs. Its independence process ends being named Playmate of July, not surprisingly with those boobs spent. Anyway, you can see yourself in the following photos, which poses totally naked, her destiny was written long before birth.

Shelby Chesnes becomes independent ... Shelby Chesnes Sexy Photos (1)

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Porn actress with biggest ass prohibited in England.

Famous for her ass and voted among the best porn actors. Roxy Reynolds won a fortune on the eve of various festivals, being escorted luxury Premier League footballers, actors and public figures in London. This year, however, porn actress has bad luck.

Porn actress had trouble on the border with England this year, on December 18, not allowed to enter the country, the Heathrow airport. Aged 27, Roxy Reynolds used a tourist visa, which allows it to work in England and was forced to return to the United States. A source told British tabloid The Sun: “A lot of Roxy clients will feel lonely this Christmas.”




Monica Foster is not the typical porn star

Monica Foster is a not a typical porn star for use in USA, first because the color of their skin, Monica Foster is black, which oddly enough in USA and more Americans being defined as the champions of freedom, color your skin makes it as in all other color performers problem to be on the top of Olympus Los Angeles porn, porn capital of the world.

Monica Foster is not the typical porn star that rolls without stopping at all the studies that can, she has decided to stop filming to focus only on their personal projects of its web site and be self up with their own photo shoots because not trust too much on pulling the strings of the difficult environment for American.

Monica Foster pics:


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Kimberly Kane, porn version of Scully in “The X-Files”.

Kimberly Kane porn version of Scully in “The X-Files”.

In 2006 and 2009, awarded the AVN (in pornography Oscar) for best group scene and best lesby stage and in February 2010 is named “Best Actress” of the year. Kimberly Kane actress and filmmaker turns 27 years old this year and is listed as one of the best actresses in USA .Are to record dozens of films among which the most important achievement of her role in “The Sex Files-A Dark XXX Parody in which he plays FBI inspector Scully from X-Files, but porn version!

Kimberly Kane PICTURES:

Kimberly Kane naked

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The porn industry in the United States, blocked by the gesture of an actor. What he did?

American porn actor Mr. Marcus was sentenced to 30 days in jail after admitting he is responsible for the epidemic of syphilis that blocked the porn industry in the USA in August.

American porn actor Mr. Marcus admitted that he illegally changed the medical tests showed he was suffering from syphilis to continue to play adult film. At least nine other players were sick because of Mr. Marcus (real name Jesse Spencer), so the porn industry activity in the United States was blocked in August 2012 due to the outbreak of syphilis. Mr. Marcus was sentenced to 30 days in prison for his deed.

Mr. Marcus




Mia Kiara and her naked breasts.

Mia Kiara with naked breasts. Mia Kiara porn actress rocked a beach in Miami, after she decided to drop the bra. Without caring for those around her, and American showed breasts.

Paparazzi were on the trail of Mia Kiara and photographed while porn star take off top of swimsuit to tan. Carefully focused photographers caught having hot breasts thousand men before in porn.

The brunette did not appear any second disturbed by males around her, even satisfaction could read on her face when she took off swimsuit.

Who’s Mia Kiara ?

Mia Kiara is a porn actress from USA. It is active in dozens of film appearances and was noticed by generous bust.

Mia Kiara on the beach show her tits Mia Kiara porn diva Mia Kiara porn star on Miami Mia Kiara show her tits Mia Kiara topless on the seaside