Find out what famous actor spent the holidays in the company of 3 Porn stars

Find out what famous actor spent the holidays in the company of 3 Porn stars

Charlie Sheen’s life is not much different from that of his character in the series “Two and a Half Men”. Although it has 5 children, the actor does not give remove the fun, he nonchalantly posing with three porn stars, they took him to a holiday spent in Hawaii.

charile1 charlie

It seems that the actor does not matter so much that one of his five children could see their father smiles photography wide with three nearly naked women. Nobody knows how they got personal photos in the press, but if we consider the nature libertine actor, perhaps it has not tried too hard to hide evidence amorous escapade. It is not excluded that one of the three starlets have made them public.


The three women who appear alongside actor, Jayme Langford, Jana Jordan and Celeste Star, have extensive experience in the porn industry. Jana has appeared in over 100 adult films. Celeste Star is simply a pornographic actress, making her debut as recently and adult film director. Jamy Langford studied biology at a prestigious university in Los Angeles, but she dropped out when university managers withdrew their financial support because of his career in the porn industry.


Busty Allison and porn video of her vacation at the beach

Busty Allison and porn video of her vacation at the beach 2


Summer is far away but not finish 🙂 . The bad, that we hardly get the sun. Good, have to not stand holiday pictures of friends. Those who insist on to swallow its 300 pictures they would seem hilarious and you fucking boring. When put in the “look how well I’ve had with my cousins ​​of the people” plan, they try to say, “because you look at the porn video he recorded to Allison on the beach Busty my little cottage.” If not deter them get better see the video of busty shit to do their photos, it is that you have to change friends.

As I assume that for the video Busty Allison, let me comment on the scene, to whet your appetite: the busty lying on her beach, with its incredible natural appears topless. The strange thing is do not have a group of fluttering around, or someone throwing a ball at his side to have an excuse to get close to see the girl boobs Busty Allison. But hey, whatever. What matters here is that the girl looks like restless. One wonders, “What the fuck is wrong with Allison? I tell you: he begins to chop the pussy. So no, we seek a place and pink dildo is taken out (that slut, takes him up to the beach) and is set to give the clitoris mambo.

First masturbates Busty Allison standing as more rueful, as saying: “sure and more openly.” But as the porn video progresses, things warms and busty tomb in the towel to better open the clam and get the dildo deeper. And still she is playing with her pussy until it runs and is re-holster their big boobs in bikini, forgetting to put on the bottom if not because the recording tells you, unfortunately for those at the beach that if they come to find out for sure lynched Busty Allison warn her carelessness.

This porn video really is something worth having around vacation and stories of people. Or not?

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Clara Gherghel make porn with fresh forces. She was back in Malibu to get tan!

One of the most famous porn actress beyond borders is back with fresh forces from vacation.

Clara Gherghel threatens to become even more popular than Alina Plugaru. Blonde was told about lost lover returned because bombshell on the set, looking as if better prepared than ever for pornographic productions.

Clara Gherghel spent two weeks on the beaches of Malibu where to tan evenly, making it clear that not only gave the top of the swimsuit, but the whole swimsuit.

She started filming and three, but for a production type Lesbian, remaining faithful lover further, Raul, adult film producer, who was told at one point that had Julia in bedroom .

In the US, where she is established, Clara Gherghel but decided not to go listen to rumors and gossip, so stubbornly continued to film only in the company of women.

   Clara Gherghel naked sex3