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8 Bizarre Things You Did not Know about sex toys.

8 Bizarre Things You Did not Know about sex toys. Sex toys like vibrators, dildos or lubricants can hardly shock anyone. Eventually, sex toys are sold in pharmacies as vitamins. So you might wonder what could be strange about sex toys.


8 Bizarre Things You Did not Know about sex toys

Here are some things less known about sex toys:

Sex toys # 1: The vibrator was invented by a doctor to help women hysterical
Well yes, the first electric vibrator (invention weighed more than 18 kg and it took two people to handle it) was used by a British physician to treat hysterical women. Doctor use tool to produce female orgasm nervous or stressed. Fortunately, a few years later was created for the home version.

Sex Toys # 2: Rabbit vibrator is shaped like an animal for legal reasons
Bunny (which Charlotte from Sex and the City had become dependent) was invented in Japan, a country where it was against the law to create a sex toy like a penis. But why this toy was allowed to have components like a bunny ears, no one understood. However, many women are happy that the manufacturer did not give up despite the obstacles arising idea.

Sex Toys # 3: Sales increase during economic recessions
Women give up anything, except during the economic downturn sex toys. Sales of sexual products not only not reduced in times of economic crisis, rather an upward trend.

Sex Toys # 4: If you do not use it chances are to be used by roommate
According to an academic study on the use of the vibrator in the US – yes, American scientists are paid to do such research one of two women borrow vibrator.

Sex Toys # 5: Do not just help women reach orgasm vibrator
The belief that men are less afraid of vibrator could be false. 81% of women and brought the vibrator in the bedroom while they were with a man.

Sex Toys # 6: VDay stands for vibratory Day
Forget the flowers and chocolates gentlemen. Or, better yet, these traditional gifts you can opt for a sex toy for Valentine’s Day. According to a survey conducted in adults increases their stores doubles in February, 1 in 5 people said they had used a vibrator with partners on 14 February.

Sex Toys # 7: Women who use a vibrator have a healthier life
It is known that regular orgasms can lead to a longer life, and one study found that women who regularly use the vibrator have a very healthy genital apparatus.

Sex Toys # 8: The best-selling sex toy is
There is not a vibrator or dildo, as you would expect. Toy fastest disappearing from the shelves is lubricant.


Woman-friendly porn.

Pornography has ceased to be an area dedicated exclusively to men. Women have stuck Determined heels sophisticated erotic pleasures in the world and the market profile ignited immediately. Mihaela Frank investigates.

hepta pornSeveral years ago I read in a number of ELLE article about toys” in sex-shop stylish British sites. The article was illustrated with all sorts of beautiful objects with sophisticated design: vibrators adorned with Swarovski crystals, precious handcuffs covered in the velvet, linen and silk and lace masks Chantilly, scented candles, fragrances and even a whip that looks so good as you could buy it on the spot and expose him home as decoration.
I decided then to write an article about sex-shops in Romania (which I did). So I came for the first time in a store like this. In fact, many. I saw a lot of dildos, vibrators of various shapes and colors (the lipstick shaped amused us most, in the editorial) Coils of cheap and latex suits, whips (which, if le- you buy, you feel the need to hide them in the secret drawer), various silicone cock rings, balls Asian-inspired, massage oils and creams flavored aphrodisiacs and more tacky lingerie. No sign of stylish items nes then, although I saw that almost all sex-shops in Bucharest most of them just a couple of tiny rooms had a section dedicated to pornographic films, admit no thought given me to cast more than a glance in their direction.

A world full of bad movies

A few months ago, but I walk through Bucuresti my husband imported from overseas, he noted the amazing density of widespread sex-shops everywhere both on the broad avenues, as well as the side-streets in May. Curious that every man who is in a foreign country, I wonder whether so many buyers to justify the myriad of shops. Frankly, I never noticed heavy traffic on the doors painted red, so I knew what to answer. | nes we came together in a few shops that have emerged in the way, to see what there was for sale. Nothing seemed to have changed from a few years ago the same products, the same general apathy. This time, however, I stopped for a leisurely study the selection of films available to the buyer. DVD covers and summaries on the back did not have attracted the least, so I kept looking, hoping that I will find at least one copy of Emmanuelle probably the most popular film genre on our land (in repertory funny stories of my friends about movies you saw, in times long past, the video, the most common is about giving kids and teens being over Emmanuelle box that their parents a well pitisera among movies Amazing as Asia or Mad Max …).

But no, no trace of sensual Emmanuelle or at least some other classic of the genre (not that I was a knowledgeable classic titles like, but even Deep Throat I’ve heard ). Only sex scenes in various combinations (two, three or more groups or less numerous), sadomasochistic, hardcore gay porn, interracial orgies or mono, blowjobs to hard anal penetrations and double cit includes. Hmm … A little hard for my taste, I thought. We chose, however, a film that seemed, from the presentation of the cover, as well as how to have a narrative. I have. After a few minutes of watching, I realized that I had no desire to see the “movie” until the end. Clichés over clichés, no trace of the story (even dialogue there, more or less), not to mention the qualities of artistic” totally nonexistent. Instead ignite my senses, viewed scenes made ​​me go through moods ranging between laughter and some embarrassment I think there are few things in this world that hamper me more than clichés. and sordid. And that movie excel in however, I thought, there are still some clichés sexual fantasies, after all? What I imagine (and I wanted), in fact, to find a porn movie to attract me? Hmm … I could not immediately answer me this question, so I started to make a list of what I do in this video: funny costumes, the lack of narrative construction or when there ridiculous its cheap and tasteless decor and especially actors – especially actresses, some excess silicone Barbie dolls that start out sounds between ridiculous and grotesque as soon as they are touched by a man, another woman or even themselves. If men are able to imagine that women can even react during sex so I doubt that even women believe their counterparts who performs in such scenes. If you take it seriously, do not we only have you thinking that you fail because you have the same reaction Not to mention the fact that certain angles or close-ups provide the right sinister images that you instantly cut all my sex. Fine, all in all, it was a failed experiment, and the DVD that came in garbage bag.

We had one attempt to find a different kind of film in a sex shop in Bucharest. I walked in one day in one of the stores on Calea Victoriei, near the block where I lived until recently. A young (probably the young girl as seller) sitting in front of a computer. Both seemed somewhat embarrassed by our presence there. After I took a look at the video shelf same selection I asked the girl in the next room if they could recommend a movie we liked. She was quick to assure me that never watched such a film. Hmm … does not sound too encouraging. I realized pretty quickly that the chances of finding a porn movie as I imagine they are all too small. “It seems that you can not find here any porn for women whispered my husband when we went out the door. Porn for Women ?!I asked surprised. I did not know there was such a categorySurely I am not the only one intrigued by this phrase. Bag hand in the fire that most of you have already raised an eyebrow in question mark / wonder, reading the title of this article. This is for several reasons. One of them is that in Romania pornography is still taboo. How many of us would admit openly that explores, at least from time to time, this area or would be tempted to do? (Not even a friend of a seller of a sex shop would admit it nohow, and can it really did not look into her life such a be … And I sincerely hope that the mother will not read ELLE this month.) In the best case, the general perception is that pornography is a sin” tasted men rather than women (of course, not talking about our men, God forbid, but about that perverted or desperate alone …).


8 things that transform a banal sex in one extraordinary

No, not every night is unforgettable when it comes to sex, but it does not happen ever feel that your sex life is one banal, predictable, even slightly capped? Have you ever felt the need to spice things up?

Couple having sex, man take off bra of girl in his lap

Do not despair, you’re not the only one going through this. Most couples face the problem of “sex boring,” and this usually happens in stable relationships, through the intervention habit, routine. Some have established as a day for sex. Regardless of your personal style, there is always something new and fun you can try with your partner.

1. Let him dominate

Many people Season sex parties playing different roles in bed. If it seems too much to dress up in costume cop, simply divide your roles: dominant and submissive. That can help to explore new sides of sexuality and love to do more entertaining night.

2. Kama Sutra

Sure you’ve heard of the Kama Sutra (the old books with all sexual positions). Go to borrow, to buy or to copy it. Open the book to a random page and try to put into practice what is written there. It’s complicated, sexy, fun, and is not always possible (which certainly makes things interesting).

3. Cream

Food and sex are always good house together. So grab a tube of cream and let your imagination do the rest for you.

4. Massage with oils

There are lots of aromatic oils, which will awaken all the senses in you. Give him a massage to him or ask him to make you a relaxing massage. Then, the specific movements can transform one erotic moment.

5. Vibrators

Contrary to what one might think, vibrators are not just for women. Yes, you can use it to play by yourself, but you can use also in the pair.

6. Role Play

Have you ever wanted to have sex with a sexy pirate? Role-playing is a great way to spice things up in the bedroom, feeling good and establish a connection much closer.


A thief was chased with … dildos! Unbelievable but true!!!

An event that seems incredible occurred this days in California (USA).

An armed robber entered in erotic store to steal receipts. But sellers have not lost my temper and started throwing at him with dozens of vibrators. Even if it seems incredible, it is quite true. Eventually, the thief was routed and failed to steal any money. Probably the two saleswoman will be rewarded by the store owner, and with their help, and the police will catch the perpetrator.

A thief was chased with ... dildos

Ha Ha Ha ! 🙂


10 things not to forget when you make sex

Topic list where most of the girls to want to try various things before marriage is not exactly new, but as old as the world and the earth. Our website gives us the most complete list possible in this regard.

1 Do it with underwear on. So, do not get off during sex game bra and no panties, because feelings can be great.

2 Enter a sex toy in the landscape. Exactly: vibrators are not just for solo sex.

3 Have sex somewhere outside the house. Anywhere you like: the sea, the mountains, somewhere on vacation or in town.

4 Have sex for the sake of sex without orgasm to have as a final goal.

5 Have sex with the lights on, give any blanket aside and enjoy the full view.


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Trend Micro: Smart vibrators and other sex toys, new targets for hackers!!!

Hackers will attack soon sex toys, computer security firm Trend Micro warns. Experts have shown at CeBIT, as attackers can control these devices remotely and even use them to make videos.

According to Trend Micro, a smart vibrator that can be controlled via smartphone apps can be turned on or off remotely using a few lines of code. An example is Blue Motion, a device that behaves like pads. The application allows its control from a distance of several dozen meters. Blue Motion can be controlled through the application and the Internet from anywhere in the world.

Smart vibrators and other sex toys, new targets for hackers

Raimund Genes, chief technology within Tren dMicro, said that hackers can once found security flaws in sex toys, his blackmail manufacturers.

But the problem is the platform for the recording of video content. Attackers can use them to blackmail their users after my hands on records. There are sites on the internet where strangers may be asked to control a sex toy user and the interaction is via Webcam. An example of a device used by those who use these sites is Blue Motion Nex 2, a sex toy that connects to the smartphone via a dedicated application, and the user can create patterns for vibration, depending on how quickly pressed screen or how the phone is moved. All these patterns that can be created by music running in the background can be saved to be used later.


12 things you need to know about sex toys

Vibrator and other sex toys related by purpose and battery, gimmicks seem that we invented in modern society but the truth is that such tools of pleasure existed since the world! The oldest dildo was found in a cave in Germany and, according to experts, it would have around 30 000 years. Sex toys today can be used both for women and men separately, but there are few in number and games dedicated to sexual couples. Therefore, here are some curiosities from the world of vibrators.

1. The first electric vibrator was invented by Dr. Joseph Mortimer Granville of. It weighed about 20 kilograms and was Prune presence of two persons to be manipulated. Incidentally, when invented the vibrator, it was therapeutic. It was thought that by massaging female genitalia with this device, women could be cured hysteria, unleashing blood through the body. Until the invention of the vibrator, doctors massage genitals until women reach orgasm using various oils and lubricant.

2. At the beginning of the twentieth century, has been patented invention and started mass production of the vibrator, which was given the title of “personal massager” and was one of the first electrical appliances intended for domestic use, immediately after the sewing machine toaster and fan.

12 things you need to know about sex toys

3. In the early years of cinema, appeared obviously and first porn movies and a couple of them and shakers were used. To not scandalized public opinion, they were no longer advertising but production was not halted.

4. There are many countries in the world where the production, sale and possession of a vibrator against the law.

5. Most of the sex shops, online or physical, sales were 50% higher when approaching Valentine’s Day.

6. The most popular vendor specialized in art stores pleasure are vibrators, dildos and lubricants.

7. The world’s most expensive vibrator is made of gold and diamonds has applied. The value of this sex toy is 55 000 dollars.

8. The famous Rabbit vibrator, has two protruding for clitoral stimulation was invented by the Japanese. The toy has received this form because manufacturers were not allowed to make similar vibrating penis. The toy became popular after Charlotte character on TV’s Sex and the City made a passion for it. In 2006, Oprah said about bunny that is the Rolls Royce of sex toys.

9. There are very few regulations regarding safety measures for vibrators but producers take care to make certain specifications for them. For example, vibrators can not be used unless you have clear water inscribed this function. In addition, all intended for anal vibrators must be provided with a non-removable handle to avoid unpleasant accidents.

10. All series safety measures specific part and lubricants. In general, most of vibrators to be used with such a product based solely on the water that may damage the silicon material of the toy made.  11. In a recent study, researchers found that women who use a vibrator are much healthier in terms gynecology. This is attributed to changes in the body, for example, but rather to the fact that using a vibrator would lead to increased self-confidence and that these women often make their medical checkups.

12. Sex toys are made of silicone, plastic or stainless steel resistant but when purchasing such a product is recommended to read more about the materials they are made. The questionable quality, often made of plastic are treated with a substance meant to soften the material but can have harmful effects on the body.


What sex toys you should use for anal stimulation

The anus is an erogenous zone particularly in men and women and there are vibrating specially designed for this purpose. They are usually narrower than standard models.

priceless orgasm

Some have a wider base, so you do not accidentally slip inside. An exciting way to use an anal vibrator is to enter the woman’s rectum during intercourse, as you can feel both sensations. The man can he to introduce a vibrator into the rectum during intercourse to increase their own stimulus.


Double vibrators are of two kinds: the first is very close penises simultaneous vaginal and anal penetration for. At the other penises are in opposite directions. The latter are designed especially for lesbians, but they can use and heterosexual couples, the woman entering one end into the vagina, the anus and the man on the other.

Strap sites

They were created to allow a woman to take the man’s place. They can be used by lesbian and heterosexual couples who want to change roles. The man can experience how it is to be penetrated (in the rectum), and the woman can experience how it is to penetrate.


There is also dildos and anus. The simplest are known as “butt plugs” that simply stretch the muscle ring for a sense of “openness”, but there are models designed for massaging the prostate. Prostate massage, as it is known, is one of the secrets sensational sex


Sex toys that never knew that you have in your house

8 sex toys that never knew that you have in your house! After all, what women were doing before appearing vibrators? Well, the answer is simple: resorted to all sorts of household items and satisfy their fantasies as well. At that finally understand, broad smile on the face of housewives We gives you a top 8 of sex toys that almost all we have in the house, but can not figure out.

8 sex toys that never knew that you have in your house

1. The device for back massage
You can buy at any pharmacy and handles with ease. To see what sensations yes!

2. Washer / dryer
One word: centrifuge. When you start, do not rate! Get on it!

3. The cell placed on vibration
Of course you can always choose more expensive options and performance, yes to need remove cell. Put it on the vibrations and protects it with a plastic film (possibly a disposable bag). Stick it in your pants, and ask your boyfriend to call you. Tell him to insist on forever, eventually!

4. The electric toothbrush
Designed to reach inaccessible places, that’s pretty hard brush with tartar from teeth, but gentle enough to stimulate your clitoris. In addition, it has a recharging system, so no need to beat your head with batteries.

5. Water spray
Jet shower can do wonders, but do you see what wonders the tap! Sit comfortably on his back, let the tap at the temperature you like, Relax feet and relax.

6. Electric shaving machine
With a minimal investment in batteries, taking care to perfection so pubic hair condition, how your moods aces of excitation. What did it and these modern inventions

7. Dogs plus battery
However, many women masturbatea pillow or a stuffed animal But when the animal also has batteries and vibrate … It’s even fix the thing you need!

8. A simple blanket
Sit (naked, of course!) On the back, so you have blanket between your legs. Then you start to rub up and down the piece of blanket. Do it quickly !!