Julia Ann jerking with latex gloves

PORN VIDEO – MILF Julia Ann jerking with latex gloves!

The straws are wonderful and this is the true rationale of ThePornStarsBlog.com but also when you make them are twice as pleasurable, especially if done well as the porn star Julia Ann.

This actress and mother of several children, MILF, is a real artist by straws and this time also placed latex gloves to make it more good. The truth is I do not know the feeling that you draw a straw with gloves and after watching this video has bitten me a lot of curiosity and something else…

The sight of the beautiful boobs Julia Ann bent over the camera also make it exciting this scene. So it is not unusual that the guy who has volunteered for that as a volunteer (not believe me that one could charge for you to make a straw) I soon almost nothing in cum, just five minutes in which he has enjoyed as a piglet.

Julian Ann


Shay Laren: That fat bastard left her for Christmas

Shay Laren – XXX video

Shay Laren XXX

Shay Laren

Well, Christmas hahahaha beacause we are in summer 🙂 is over and I damn you wondered if Santa Claus had you done some case. Because I do not know if you remember that I asked him to send me his emissary Shay Laren, and has spent my fucking face. The bastard has just left me this video of busty, making some fingers, and told me that I whip me alone. Well, better than nothing.

I, I woke up 25 with the illusion of a little boy at the prospect of finding the boobs Shay Laren, naked, with his Christmas fir fluttering pussy … And nothing. He had a note of fat that is ready with her red suit fucking saying “sorry, but Shay is mine and not the sack north pole or nougat throughout the world. At least I leave a video that I shot 24, to go to deliver happiness. ” Nothing, I have to carry me better this year, to see if next year will lend me her beloved Shay Laren even a little bit.


Best erotic films that you missed

Best erotic films that you missed – Video!!! If pornographic movies are too aggressive for your taste, then erotic movies are a softer version, but with the same effect on your sexual satisfaction. See some of the best erotic movies of all time.

Best erotic films that you missed - Video


The actress Maggie Gyllenhaal title role, a young woman who engages as a secretary, and in time get to fall in love with her boss. But their relationship is not developing like any romantic film, but rather becomes a sadomasochistic relationship, she do everything he tells her boss.

What can you learn from this film: if you have not tried BDSM sex before, you can draw on the ideas presented in film production. On the other hand, if it is not to be submissive to liking, sexual tension in this film you will definitely feel like sex.


Nine ½ Weeks

An independent woman, who owns his own business, meets an egocentric man who works on Wall Street. Do not fall in love, it is not a romantic drama, but there are two people who want to have sex and maintain the physical relationship … for nine weeks and a half. Main actors call Basinger and Mickey Rourke – both when they were young and very sexy. What can you learn from this film: if your sex life has become a little monotonous, the ideas you put those two could implement your smile.

Y Tu Mamá También – And your mother

Two young women know a few more years with her at a wedding. He invites her on a trip that would have led to an empty beach, the sea, but she initially refuses. After learning that her husband cheated on her, she agrees to go on holiday with the two young men, and there … were part of many erotic adventures.

What can you learn from the film: besides make you think seriously about a relationship with a younger man, and inspires you to go into the sex in three.

Basic Instinct

Sharon Stone younger and sexier than ever, well-known in the scene and put one leg over the other in the interview room at the police station – and even more news is … no panties. This is not only sexy scene in the film, but there are several such allusions and images.

What can you learn from this film: A strong woman, full of self-confidence can do what he wants from the men around him.


Candida Royalle, a known porn actress died at 64 years

Candida Royalle: A known porn actress died at 64 years | VIDEO ! Actress and director of adult movies, has died at the age of 64 years. She suffered from several years of ovarian cancer.

Candida Royalle

The actress, real name Candice Vadala appeared in dozens of porn, but it is known that held its own in a world dominated by men, that of adult film directors.

When he studied music and dance at the School of Arts in New York and made the faculty of Design.

“Everyone assumed that we had difficult moments in my debut in the world of adult films, but I can say that they were fair with me, even if they had many doubts. They came to respect me because I proved that I vision” said Candida Royalle on her website.

The news of the death of the actress was like a blow to her guild mates who have expressed their condolences regertul social sites.


What do ordinary people when stay alone in the room with the actors from XXX movies.

VIDEO: What do ordinary people when stay alone in the room with the actors from XXX movies. What happens when ordinary people meet Pornstars?

What happens when ordinary people meet Pornstars

What would you do if you stay in a room alone with a porn star, regardless of sexual preference that you have, and he tells you to touch.

In the video below produced for Barcelona Erotic Show producers wanted to observe people’s reactions when placed in a room with a XXX movie star, and he wants to be touched. Curious many participants give the invitation and touch various body parts coveted, some even kissing actors.



Leanna Decker in slow motion …

Leanna Decker in slow motion ...

See a woman as Leanna Decker, our favorite bunny, stripping is always a joy and revelry, even if it does slow motion and seducing the camera as only large know how. The devotion we feel in ThePornStarsBlog.com to Leanna Decker is all too well known for our fans and this video serves to reaffirm still more adulation we feel at this redhead unsurpassed. On this occasion, and respecting that Monday is a slower day and calm than usual, Leanna Decker appears in a slower and video retailer, moving in slow motion so we can see every detail of body. Tits of this Playboy model are main attraction, but when we see completely naked as is the case we realize that the rest of body does not diminish her impressive breasts … Anyway, we are not going to roll over talking about Leanna Decker, I’ve done many times, we leave just enjoy the show.


Porn foolish men ? Pornography reduces male brain!

Porn foolish men ? Pornography reduces male brain!!?!


Porn foolish men

The latest discovery in the field of sex leaves with open-mouthed. You’d be capable of it?

A video, which essentially is a documentary film about nature, but from place to place, take turns porn, sex, presenting ourselves in the trees or the edge of a river, make a splash on the Internet.

latest discovery in the field of sex leaves with open-mouthed

The film was made with the help of drones under the slogan “Make sex not war!”.

The video shows stunning images of nature that British journalists were speculating about Sequoia National Park, California.

While flying drone captured ravishing landscapes, our attention is drawn to a couple having sex through the trees.

Then, while the camera zooms drone emerald waves which strike down a secluded beach, again we are surprised by two young people in love near some rocks.

Further, the film shows footage of the flying drone that capture sexual positions which would make him the author of Kama Sutra blush.

This kind of film to be an alternative to pornography?

“I had film never a porn film in this manner. In addition, if you can not masturbate while watching a film, then it is clear that we can not talk about pornography”, said Brandon LaGanke.


Hot shower with Rachel Aldana

PORN with Rachel Aldana! !

Rachel Aldana fuck 2

Rachel Aldana fuck

Rachel Aldana is in our top 10 mega busty, therefore one of the girls boobs the largest natural breasts. British, of course, her boobs are a treat for any lover of big tits. Here you have a new addition to the above, where we can get a hot little shower next to her, watching her good qualities, horny, hoping to give him a little soap on the back and on their kettles.


Elena Grimaldi and the myth of the teacher!

Elena Grimaldi and the myth of the teacherElena Grimaldi – Porn Video

It is not a myth in reality, or is it that I can deny when went to school, high school or even college, no fantasy with a teacher? No, you can not deny it because no serious this world would be a robot cold steel and entrails of wires and circuits if you told me in your tender years as a student not you ever dream to get under the skirt of mathematics or of language. Okay, this clear and we’ve all fantasized about to fuck “the teacher”, but imagine, imagine for a moment that this teacher was called Elena Grimaldi, was a porn star, out Italian and outside what is known as a hot MILF hot a milf. Imagine no more and watch this video … Porn … in which this porn star born in Brescia, Italy and named Elena Grimaldi, acting in a porn movie made in Italy in whichs he plays a teacher who is rebuked by the school principal for not being too hard on the boys. And that way … let him scold Italian poorest ass destroyed.