How react a virgin woman when she see for the first time a porn VIDEO!

Fabulous VIDEO ! How react a virgin woman when she see for the first time a porn VIDEO!

Fabulous VIDEO How react a virgin woman when she see for the first time a porn VIDEO

Porn movies, either disgust or that evoke erotic senses of some, failing which most often provoke reactions from various viewers. And those expressions virgin” pornographic arts are downright funny.

US magazine Buzzfeed managed to find, without much searching, three women who have never seen a porn movie. When asked why, they said they were curious and not needed because they have managed to find real pleasure in activities. Initiation virgins” was made possible by watching erotic films such as the legendary “Deep Throat” or Debbie Does Dallas”, and by means of current productions, in which the star is James Deen. Their reactions were delicious. It’s kind of sexual harassment man to man“, said one viewer.



Eva Henger dreams to be virgin again

One of the best known names in the porn Italian, Eva Henger, gets a fulminating career revival. This time, no ban for minors. In the fall, she will appear in “Bastards” by Martin Scorsese, along with Franco Nero, Giancarlo Giannini and Gerard Depardieu. Interestingly, Eva Henger, good after being convicted of suspension is on the waiting list celebrities who want to regain their virginity. it is not yet clear who will be chosen to test new star’s hymen. just as no one knows when there will be event”.

Eva Henger porn diva

Eva, a former Miss Hungary, and built a career as a porn diva in Italy. She founded a family, marrying the guild, with Riccardo Schicchi manufacturer. The couple have two daughters, but the marriage did not last. In 1997, however, began a process against them. The main accusation propagation of prostitution, where Eva was added and violations migration. The sentence was passed only last year, four and a half years of jail. Luckily for her suspension.

Mother of third time

Already the couple was already broken and former porn diva is recycled” and trying your luck in the normal cinema, television and even music. And not without some success, despite the fact that the lines spoken with Leonardo di Caprio in Gangs New York fell to the assembly. The star, who said after the trial that both porn career and relationship with Schicchi are, for her, entered, now has the opportunity, to 32 years to fully assert “Bastards.” And such a success, if required and restored virginity Born in Hungary, made in Italy I happened to Eva Henger, who left home after becoming Miss, to try their luck in boots. Since then, it’s been some years. the popularity of the artist who flirted with soft adult productions increased with each year. and the 2009 calendar, conducted in September, Maldives, shows that time has not touched the beautiful actress. Interestingly, the photographs were taken by Massimiliano Caroletti, porn star life partner. And perhaps even more interesting is that this pictorial was done though Eva Henger was pregnant. She will become a mother for the third time. l

I quit porn for my children

There are some who say that the 14-th calendar could be the last. Birth, then the movie will play will not afford to pose sexy. It would be a shame, and beautiful it knows best. Because hot situations occur after you become a mom is great fashion. And gives you advertise so much that you need to keep your career on a high. Considered the number one in the pornography industry in Italy, Eva Henger decided to drop everything to XXX movies. And the reason is noble. Wait for the birth of the third child. To avoid that little to redden when will be asked What does your mother?, Porn actress biblical name does not want to hear Racy productions. Especially now, when he learned that he would have a girl, who decided to call Jennifer.

Hot calendars rise to beautiful children

Seventh months pregnant, beautiful blonde made the announcement in an interview with Chi magazine: Already I feel increasingly stronger. It is not no place, it’s like an earthquake. For this child but for Jen, I will do great sacrifices. And the greatest is to not play in movies. ” In addition, Eva wanted to clarify that Jennifer was conceived in July, during which even make a NUDE calendar – the last of her life and that will be born in a clinic private in Rome, most likely in April. I’ll call Jennifer because Jennifer Lopez is a fan. throughout the pregnancy I heard her songs“, said the actress. Little Jen is, in fact, the third child of Eve. Hungarian based in Italy already has a son and a daughter, the Riccardino and Mercedes, the first marriage, with Riccardo Schicchi. For four years, Massimiliano Caroletti beloved starlet is none other than the one who performed the last calendar Eve.

Eva Henger pictures:

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Caroline Miranda, a virgin porn actress

WOW NEWS: The wide world of XXX film, actresses there are all sorts of weird . One of them is Caroline Miranda.

Caroline Miranda

Caroline Miranda is a 19 year old Brazilian with an appealing body that incites men in the world, Caroline Miranda rounded his accounts with the money you earn as a porn actress. Girl stands by them filming scenes. They only oral or anal sex, because it kind of keeps the wedding night.

Caroline Miranda : “I did porn and I’m still a virgin

Caroline Miranda, who is called “Queen BumBum” play in porn production even inspired from her life, I did porn and I’m still a virgin“, for an amount of EUR 200,000.

Pictures with Caroline Miranda:

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How much does cost a sex with a virgin!?

Virginity is the highest price in Cambodia and other Asian countries, so many men are willing to pay huge sums for sex with a woman untouched”.


Many such transactions between willing sex with virgin gentlemen and their victims are planned by women in Cambodia called “Mamasan”. In the capital of Cambodia, virginity is a higher price than gold. Here, men of status, pay thousands of dollars – – $ 3,000 – to deflowered a girl, so that “traffic virginhas become a thriving business in this country. But not all girls are trafficked. Many of them sell their virginity in a desperate attempt to raise money to provide a decent living or expensive treatment of family members. And even if these young prostitutes to / and help the family, they are marginalized both by those for whom they sacrificed and society. In their case, it comes from those many times, through repeated prostitution.


There was a new kind of sex. How to satisfy a virgin. You have to remain without voice!

There are women who will retain her virginity, but will not remain uninitiated in the mysteries of pleasure. So they have found a new method to find sexual satisfaction without penetration.

There was a new kind of sexInvented by those who want to satisfy cravings without taking the act itself was called “petting” English term for spoiled, make out or touch. According to British psychologist, petting” defines the technical challenge of pleasure similar to that during a sex, but only partners touching without penetration. The method is practiced by girls who want to keep their virginity.

Everything happens without sexual partners, having only allowed to touch, to rediscover each other, become uninhibited, to know their bodies become more free in touch, to discover their erotic preferences. Prefer to caress the beloved face, hair, touch her erogenous zones Left finds it more exciting when it happens without undressing, the clothes! And women often experience petting reach orgasm more easily than those who have not experienced sexual game.

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