13 ways to tell your boyfriend that you want sex!

13 ways to tell your boyfriend that you want sex! There are times when she wants and is afraid to tell her husband. You should not say it to him directly, because it would scare away, but there are a number of ways in which every woman may suggest that your partner wants to have sex.

13 ways to tell your boyfriend that you want sex

Each person and each couple is a universe in itself, their privacy. If some instant connection fail, others must use more body language when they want to communicate perfectly normal things in a pair such as the desire to have sex. Couples who have some experience with already know when your spouse wants to have sex. Others, however, have to feel the ground.

Here are 13 ways to tell your boyfriend that you want sex.

1. Call it in the bedroom wearing sexy if your boyfriend is in the office or in the living room watching TV.

2. Look into his eyes and fixed them flirtatious smile, but do not forget to keep the farm before him.

3. Smile him as a rebellious teenager who is adventurous.

4. Come to your lover after you hit with your favorite perfume. The scent is an aphrodisiac that can do wonders, especially if you gave him touch sensitive areas.

5. Kiss her neck, this thing any man crazy.

6. While you kiss, holds her lower lip between his teeth to convey that want sex now. This will give you enough to understand.

7. Bite her ear softly.

8. Look at him while kissing him. Look at him penetrating and show you willing to do to feel better.

9. Tap it in intimate areas while kissing him.

10. Stroking her palm with your fingers, gently.

11. Come to the body of his body and move it apart while you look in the eye and smile.

12. Play with his mind: Take your clothes off in front of their partner, but without showing it.

13. Get out of the shower with a bathrobe and watch it alluring.


Six ways you can regain your sexual appetite + VIDEO

After a sex life may be affected routine that occurs between partners. In the following lines we welcome you with some tips to help you regain your sexual appetite!

Six ways you can regain your sexual appetite

Modify sexual routine
Even if each of you prefer a certain time of day for intercourse, try to change the routine you are used to. If you usually make love tonight, make him a surprise partner and wakes him with little kisses that morning to warm the senses. Changing sexual positions and place captures not only can, but can revive your sexual life.

Underwear and heels for a night of passion
To excite your partner, you can turn to some old tricks, but that work at every opportunity basis. You can expect when coming home dressed in a lace underwear the landscape should not lipseacă frames that complement provocative attire.

Shortly just for you
Although sex should be spontaneous, in most cases they experience fatigue after a day of work, housework and care for children and leaves not enough time for some intimate moments with a partner. Tip: even if you each to work, send him since lunch,, signals through phone calls, or you can call to attract in your game. Set along a time when you see to continue the game began during the day.

Memories can help
Remember the early days of your relationship, the feeling of overwhelm you had whenever you holding his hand or kiss you? A good exercise for the partners is to remember the moments of the beginning of the relationship and try to put back in place. The evening can start with a romantic dinner, a bouquet of flowers, songs that can be heard softly

A little mystery never hurt
A little mystery can add spark to your sex life, say industry experts. Even if you live together for a long time and feel comfortable with each other some issues should remain the same as before. Some gestures, certain lines can spice up life in the bedroom enough.

Delights the senses
Besides lace lingerie and high heels you can also add a bit of pampering partner with small tricks. Prepare them using your dinner aphrodisiac preparations, do not forget foam bath, scented candles and massage with essential oils. If you put these tips into practice, step by step builds the perfect scenario for an evening full of passion.