What men want in bed: 6 unknown things!

Obviously, you should not let a man tell you how to be in bed, but if it helps strengthen your relationship and you just wondered what you might meet him, here is the answer.

What men want in bed

No, men do not want you to do something outrageous or strange, but just to be a little bolder in normal and acceptable. In the following you will find six men and things they want in a relationship.

1. They want to be talked dirty

Not expected to tell them exactly how you feel every moment, but you’d be surprised how dirty a word counts, said at the right time. Not everyone feels comfortable talking vulgar, even just loving presence, but there is no need to venture too far from your comfort zone. Words and phrases such as “wet”, “I feel so good,” or “louder” may still be miracles.

2. Lead partner

For men, there are few things more exciting than a girl who knows what she wants, and there are lots of different ways to communicate that to a guy. That does not mean he expects out of nowhere you to enter the bedroom dressed in sexy nurse. Simply, if you push gently on the bed and guide her hands over your body, it is a sign that you have taken the initiative to maintain and control … now. Taking control of the following positions may be also very hot.

3. Partner to initiate new positions

If you saw a movie a new position you want to try, do not disclose and protect his partner. Your initiatives designed will be delighted. It does not matter whether or not the position is comfortable or you can implement in your case. Important is to see you’re creative in bed.

4. Dream to be surprised

Some men can be intimidated when they see their beloved pulling out a vibrator under the bed. But a few tricks to spice up the relationship did not how to be a bad idea. Can you rouse him while you’re in the elevator and, why not, to have sex right there.

5. They want to see

Visual stimulation is very important for men. A well-placed mirror is ideal, so he can have views of everything that happens. But he would not mind if his girlfriend would not forget it. If you’re really brave, your lover would consider it a great gift and a masturbation session.

6. They want to eat pizza after sex

You might think that there are few people who want to eat something hearty after sex, but it is not so.


10 things that men want women to know about sex

Freud called female sexuality “dark continent”. In this case, male sexuality could be called, aptly, “dark planet”. If you think you know all about what excites you or your lover, you might have some surprises reading the text below.

10 things that men want women to know about sex

1. Men respond positively to praise

Men, like women, need to be confident compliments in terms of sex. You can praise him before entering the bedroom, and during sexual intercourse, but also after. You will see that will strive increasingly more.

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2. Men are afraid of intimacy

Studies have shown that boys are more affectionate than up to the age when girls go to school. At the time involved social conventions and their desire for intimacy and emotional closeness is repressed. So after making love, even if you do not immediately take in arms, not reproach it, but leave them little space. This will reveal how much one wants emotional connection with you.

3. Men will sometimes sex just for sex

If sex has for us and a strong emotional component, for men it is not always so. Men want their lovers to enjoy sex and little wild without asking and romance package. It’s not about to let dominated, but to them come into play and simply appreciate the physical side of sex.

4. The penis is not the only erogenous zone in men

Of course she likes when she touch his penis, but there are many other areas that I’m in seventh heaven. Play with chest, ears or even the inner thighs. A tip: pull gently and delicately testicles: done right, this movement can be exciting for him.

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10 things that men want women to know about sex 2

5. Men encourages fantasies

Men would like to share their fantasies with their partners but are afraid that their wives or girlfriends will judge them. You can try a game with your lover: write every few scenarios sexual fantasies with you, pull one draw and if you are comfortable with it, try it.

6. Men love when you talk in bed

Speaking during sex, as long as it’s not continuous, it can be an excellent stimulant. What should I tell him? You can try talking dirty, and combined with praise praise or instructions.

7. Men need to be honest with them

Sex can create the impression that solve problems in a relationship, but it is not. Sometimes, lack of or that you do not want to satisfy your partner in bed some desires hide some problems that you might have otherwise. It’s important to be open with him, tell him you’re upset and not transformed in bed or armchair psychologist nor the punishment room.

8. Men need some distancing

Because they are conquerors by nature, men like to woo a woman. Allow your lover to woo you from sexually. Emotional intimacy requires closeness, but involves sexual intimacy and distancing less. For your lover means to let him look at porn or erotic movies to fantasize, for you may mean to you if you use sex toys.

9. Men need and pornography

A woman who discovers that her boyfriend looking at porn is one of the main reasons why American couples go to therapy. But you must not forget that sexual obsessives represents only 4% of the population, so there is little chance that your lover to be one of them. Keep in mind that no woman can not and should not be everything to a man from sexually. The solution is to talk openly about his pleasure opposite the genre and reach a compromise.

10. Men are always thinking about sex, but not as women think they do

Men see sex as a pleasure and a celebration of the body and would like women to address gender rather as a kind of “carpe diem” and not a special thing, which should take place only at regular intervals.