How react a virgin woman when she see for the first time a porn VIDEO!

Fabulous VIDEO ! How react a virgin woman when she see for the first time a porn VIDEO!

Fabulous VIDEO How react a virgin woman when she see for the first time a porn VIDEO

Porn movies, either disgust or that evoke erotic senses of some, failing which most often provoke reactions from various viewers. And those expressions virgin” pornographic arts are downright funny.

US magazine Buzzfeed managed to find, without much searching, three women who have never seen a porn movie. When asked why, they said they were curious and not needed because they have managed to find real pleasure in activities. Initiation virgins” was made possible by watching erotic films such as the legendary “Deep Throat” or Debbie Does Dallas”, and by means of current productions, in which the star is James Deen. Their reactions were delicious. It’s kind of sexual harassment man to man“, said one viewer.



What men think when the woman on top during sex.

What men think when the woman on top during sex. “This is the best thing that could happen is one that comes to mind thoughts of men.

What men think?

What men think when the woman on top during sex

1. Please tell me you climb on top of me. Even I do not resist it. My muscles are so tight buttocks that I do not think I will be able to go to the bathroom again.

2. Do not break my penis. You have complete control here. Do not twist out of bed and do not throw directly to him or something. Please.

3. If you can, unless you do not mind too much, you can move faster? No, faster. Faster. You know what, I’ll grab me and I’ll do everything myself.

4. Do not cover your breasts; it’s like Mona Lisa cover. Why cover your breasts? The best part here is that your breasts move. Please do not get me that.

5. I really need to figure out what’s pace. No do not go up when I give down. Just trying to fit in my movements. Or I will adjust myself to your folks. Ok, now try to fit both movements to each other. Do not go. I’ll let you handle yourself.

6. We should just sit it? It would be better? Not to be lazy. I just want to finish.

7. What’s spinning motion that you do? It feels good? I do not … just move around my penis. I do not understand.



Woman-friendly porn.

Pornography has ceased to be an area dedicated exclusively to men. Women have stuck Determined heels sophisticated erotic pleasures in the world and the market profile ignited immediately. Mihaela Frank investigates.

hepta pornSeveral years ago I read in a number of ELLE article about toys” in sex-shop stylish British sites. The article was illustrated with all sorts of beautiful objects with sophisticated design: vibrators adorned with Swarovski crystals, precious handcuffs covered in the velvet, linen and silk and lace masks Chantilly, scented candles, fragrances and even a whip that looks so good as you could buy it on the spot and expose him home as decoration.
I decided then to write an article about sex-shops in Romania (which I did). So I came for the first time in a store like this. In fact, many. I saw a lot of dildos, vibrators of various shapes and colors (the lipstick shaped amused us most, in the editorial) Coils of cheap and latex suits, whips (which, if le- you buy, you feel the need to hide them in the secret drawer), various silicone cock rings, balls Asian-inspired, massage oils and creams flavored aphrodisiacs and more tacky lingerie. No sign of stylish items nes then, although I saw that almost all sex-shops in Bucharest most of them just a couple of tiny rooms had a section dedicated to pornographic films, admit no thought given me to cast more than a glance in their direction.

A world full of bad movies

A few months ago, but I walk through Bucuresti my husband imported from overseas, he noted the amazing density of widespread sex-shops everywhere both on the broad avenues, as well as the side-streets in May. Curious that every man who is in a foreign country, I wonder whether so many buyers to justify the myriad of shops. Frankly, I never noticed heavy traffic on the doors painted red, so I knew what to answer. | nes we came together in a few shops that have emerged in the way, to see what there was for sale. Nothing seemed to have changed from a few years ago the same products, the same general apathy. This time, however, I stopped for a leisurely study the selection of films available to the buyer. DVD covers and summaries on the back did not have attracted the least, so I kept looking, hoping that I will find at least one copy of Emmanuelle probably the most popular film genre on our land (in repertory funny stories of my friends about movies you saw, in times long past, the video, the most common is about giving kids and teens being over Emmanuelle box that their parents a well pitisera among movies Amazing as Asia or Mad Max …).

But no, no trace of sensual Emmanuelle or at least some other classic of the genre (not that I was a knowledgeable classic titles like, but even Deep Throat I’ve heard ). Only sex scenes in various combinations (two, three or more groups or less numerous), sadomasochistic, hardcore gay porn, interracial orgies or mono, blowjobs to hard anal penetrations and double cit includes. Hmm … A little hard for my taste, I thought. We chose, however, a film that seemed, from the presentation of the cover, as well as how to have a narrative. I have. After a few minutes of watching, I realized that I had no desire to see the “movie” until the end. Clichés over clichés, no trace of the story (even dialogue there, more or less), not to mention the qualities of artistic” totally nonexistent. Instead ignite my senses, viewed scenes made ​​me go through moods ranging between laughter and some embarrassment I think there are few things in this world that hamper me more than clichés. and sordid. And that movie excel in however, I thought, there are still some clichés sexual fantasies, after all? What I imagine (and I wanted), in fact, to find a porn movie to attract me? Hmm … I could not immediately answer me this question, so I started to make a list of what I do in this video: funny costumes, the lack of narrative construction or when there ridiculous its cheap and tasteless decor and especially actors – especially actresses, some excess silicone Barbie dolls that start out sounds between ridiculous and grotesque as soon as they are touched by a man, another woman or even themselves. If men are able to imagine that women can even react during sex so I doubt that even women believe their counterparts who performs in such scenes. If you take it seriously, do not we only have you thinking that you fail because you have the same reaction Not to mention the fact that certain angles or close-ups provide the right sinister images that you instantly cut all my sex. Fine, all in all, it was a failed experiment, and the DVD that came in garbage bag.

We had one attempt to find a different kind of film in a sex shop in Bucharest. I walked in one day in one of the stores on Calea Victoriei, near the block where I lived until recently. A young (probably the young girl as seller) sitting in front of a computer. Both seemed somewhat embarrassed by our presence there. After I took a look at the video shelf same selection I asked the girl in the next room if they could recommend a movie we liked. She was quick to assure me that never watched such a film. Hmm … does not sound too encouraging. I realized pretty quickly that the chances of finding a porn movie as I imagine they are all too small. “It seems that you can not find here any porn for women whispered my husband when we went out the door. Porn for Women ?!I asked surprised. I did not know there was such a categorySurely I am not the only one intrigued by this phrase. Bag hand in the fire that most of you have already raised an eyebrow in question mark / wonder, reading the title of this article. This is for several reasons. One of them is that in Romania pornography is still taboo. How many of us would admit openly that explores, at least from time to time, this area or would be tempted to do? (Not even a friend of a seller of a sex shop would admit it nohow, and can it really did not look into her life such a be … And I sincerely hope that the mother will not read ELLE this month.) In the best case, the general perception is that pornography is a sin” tasted men rather than women (of course, not talking about our men, God forbid, but about that perverted or desperate alone …).


9 kinds of sex that every woman should try at least once in their life!

9 kinds of sex that every woman should try at least once in their life! In Kama Sutra you can find hundreds of ways in which to have sex. Between all these types of situations and positions, there is a top of every woman should try at least once in their life.

9 kinds of sex that every woman should try at least once in their life

Sex honeymoon
There is a pleasant feeling than when two souls become one pair. So no need for more …

Sex reconciliation
This is what happens when the line between anger and passion is very fine and extremely easy to pass.

Sex on vacation
It’s not for everyone. But be sensational, when in full holiday parties gird some fabulous sex with a man with whom you live most passionate and hot nights of your life – as long as you do not forget to protect yourself, of course.

9 kinds of sex that every woman should try at least once in their life 2

“You might catch us”
He’s a sex adrenaline, you should at least once in your life to try it on: in public places or somewhere where ever you may be surprised.

“I’ll be very missed me”
Yes, it is a kind of sex can be great, even if the relationship between the partners no longer be reached, when you can give many clues as to miss him very much.

Sex on the beach
The sound waves and their feeling to the skin makes this type of sex to be absolutely unique. If we add the sea breeze … It’s almost unreal nice and is something that should really tried! Do not forget, however, take a blanket!

Sex in the shower
Especially if you do not care the least bit about how your hair look wet and if you like the sensation of hot water that flows continuously to the skin, the kind of sex that you will conquer.

Sex “Role”
Take your partner and putting on the wildest sexual fantasy that you have. Do not be shy. You can write the script, you can buy costumes, everything you need for sex on the role to be authentic.

Sex in plane
It’s never too late to try it. The next time you and your partner are in full flight, sky, create your own turbulence. With a little care and skill … would be no game that you will never forget.


How can you tell that a woman has not had sex for a long time.

How can you tell that a woman has not had sex for a long time. You’re a man, you meet, you like and want to know more about it, but the conversation is not enough. Do you sell a tip, you can be guided by her behavior.

How can you tell that a woman has not had sex for a long timeA woman who has not much time focusing attention on a man tends to auto betrayal unconsciously, by certain gestures.

We disagree. Now he wants, and does not want.
You approach it, you accept advances, but immediately recoils. The explanation is simple! Her subconscious feels the need closeness, but reason will say take it easy.

Become upset
After a while of not more sex, some may appear complex. So the idea of a new partner, and the feeling that his might to not like what you find. If she change up and gestures more, means that a man needs.

Thrill when you touch her
Available for men, this gesture betrays a lack of self-control, desire too much time, and the fear of not fail, you become sensitive to every touch startled, it is clear that some time has passed.


How do you think this woman earn their living. You never have expected that, if you see how it looks.

Sabrina Sabrok realized that the adult industry has become extremely dangerous and decided to go out of business. Although he still has “tracesof its benefits visible porn star, Sabrina became the girl home and enjoying increasing success in Argentina.

Sabrina Sabrok

There is a TV show host, and agreed to sing with a band cyberpunk. Starlet has concerts without number” and even working on an album for her fans.

Sabrina Sabrok 1 Sabrina Sabrok 4 Sabrina Sabrok 5


Top positions of the woman on top sex

Sexual positions where the woman sits above are exciting for men who like strong women or for those who like to be dominated in bed. For women, however, positions in which they take control are real challenges are exciting, so many of them do not give aside from trying them. Or at least it should. Moreover, almost all sexual positions where the woman sits above provides a deep penetration angle adjustment possibility anytime intensity and speed of movement. Top 5 Positions the woman on top sex.

So, I made the top 5 positions with the woman on top, just good test!

1. Position Rodeo
The classical position that sit on top, just like your back. Clitoral stimulation possible in the initial version, is now replaced with a feeling of excitement intensified by friction mount of Venus with the genital area. The angle of penetration is very good and the place is comfortable for both. It is worth not sit above face your partner if you know it excites you to see and caress your buttocks. However, in just seconds you can turn to face him.

Top 5 Positions the woman on top sex

2. Position Dance
It is a comfortable, fun, relaxing and a very intense penetration angle. His one loves to sit comfortably without doing practically nothing. Just gets pleasure and admire how you get when you sit on it. Eventually, if it is out of reach and love, it is enough to stretch hand to stimulate your clitoris. Who knows, maybe you’ll get a clitoral orgasm vaginal and at the same time!

Top 5 Positions the woman on top sex 2

3. Position 69
How to watching one of the best known and most taboo’ sexual positions? In her version of the classic 69 position requires a woman to sit on top. Subsequently, there were some variations of the position in which the woman sits underneath or on the side. He deserves 3rd because it is a sexual position in which the woman is spoiled, sit comfortably and although no penetration, intense pleasure is offered each other.

Top 5 Positions the woman on top sex 3

4. Position Crab
A sexual position unique and extremely exciting because it combines direct eye contact, stimulation of erogenous zones, G-spot stimulation and the ability to switch from normal to anal sex (attention, not vice versa!). In addition, it is a sexual position comfortable for both of us, especially if it helps you move your hips keeping. Moreover, you control the penetration, but that does not mean he can not try a few moves, synchronizing it with you. Be careful, though: if movements are sudden or too fast, you may end with some unbearable pain for him in the genital area!

Top 5 Positions the woman on top sex 4

5. Position Fortress
It is a horizontal hug and even more than that. You can vary the intensity and angle of penetration, caressed and kissed you can let your partner and you can caress too. Unlike other positions with the woman on top, now you no longer have control. Just lie down comfortably on your lover and you let him do most intense movements, which can be circular and slow.

Top 5 Positions the woman on top sex 5

If you’re not close to your partner, we hope you imagination ran not too far. And if you are a lucky man around, then put your thoughts into practice! Which of the five sexual positions with the woman on top is your favorite?


Site of extramarital affairs: they are women who deceive their men most often that wives

Extramarital affairs website conducted an online survey to find out what kind of woman most men deceive their wives. First stood nannies children (25% of respondents). In second place was located an old friend (18%) and three domestic (17%). Followed: Bhabhi (12%) partner and best friend (5%).

Were surveyed 700 married men in the UK. Almost half of them (48%) admitted that they had cheated on his wife with a person close to the family circle.

Another recent study conducted by shows that people who have cats as pets are more prone to cheat their spouses.

In conclusion, if you are a married woman and the house of a cat and a nanny, better take to question your husband.


Differences between the woman we love and with which do only sex

Confessions of a man: ;Differences between the woman we love and  with which we do only sex; Even if women do not see always this difference, from sex to love there is a pretty long way. Men can do this without logging in emotionally, and their attitude offers pretty much transparent.

Confessions of a man

Here are the differences in male behavior that indicate love or not, just hormonal interest:

1. Midnight Conversation
A man who calls you at night just after already drinking a few glasses with his friends, does not want anything but sex. Because men respect women that I love and would not mind during sleep for anything.

2. Sacrifices
Men make sacrifices for someone unless they are lovers. A male, be it alpha or beta will not go shopping or to visit the parents of a women who does not feel anything, because he knows he can have sex without many efforts.

3. Tolerance
If a man does not love you, will not care about other guys flirting with you might, you will not ask where you’ve spent the last few days and with whom you met. The interest arises only due to increased emotions. In their absence, it does not exist.

4. Concern
Men care about the women they love. When your partner are interested in your health, when you worry all your anxieties when trying to find solutions for problems that you knead, actually transmit signals that loves you.

5. Fun
Motto men who want sex from a woman is never say never“. Moreover, they do not deny anything when they are not emotionally involved in a relationship, so attention in such situations does not mean more than that they want to have sex.

6. Pride
Men love their lovers are proud of them shows all the friends and intimates and ensure that all share his sympathy for the partner. In contrast, men who want just sex partners does not remove the area of privacy.

7. Surprises
Men love to pleasantly surprise their partners, who are in love, that they want to see them happy. When you have a relationship based solely on sex, their interest is much lower, and the energy to invest efforts is almost nonexistent.

8. Tenderness
Tender gestures have no place in a purely sexual relationship, so neither will the question of sleeping together, moonlight rides, squeezing in his arms and kisses hot. But when a man will fall for you, you will have all these wonders.

9. Willingness to share
A man in love will always be willing to offer the woman he loves or jacket when she is cold or release a shelf in the closet for her to sit his things in order. But when it’s just sex, his willingness to share things and space and will tend to zero.

10. Rules
When a man is in love with his girlfriend establishes rules that relationship works. When there is and just wants sex, play by his own rules and not pay attention to your partner wishes.


How is a woman who knows that her boyfriend is watching porn?

Women who know their partners watching porn are less satisfied with their relationship than those who know that their boyfriends abstaining from male habit.Watching movies for adults is a widespread habit among men who get a taste teen porn. No mature sexual partner when they either more or one single and stable, many men continue to watch porn. But this habit is harmful relationship that leaves room for discontent and unfulfilled woman. Although some women accept this custom and practice partners are ignoring them, they feel, quite simply, wrong.

How is a woman who knows that her boyfriend is watching porn

A woman discovers her boyfriend‘s computer porn is tried by a sense of failure. Basically, who is partner watch movies for adults have unpleasant sensation that is not good enough in terms of sex and is marked by the thought that you can not live up to the expectations of her lover. In the meantime, a normal woman, among the majority can not perform many of the moves you make a porn actress who has practically much “training” in this regard. A normal woman can not keep your hands to a bar and do pullups while leaves stuck in the penis and can not to put both legs behind your head. Physically, it is impossible, for no physical condition required.

Even before this, a woman who discovers that her husband is watching porn feels sexual failure. She lives basically the feeling that not satisfy lover as it would like.

These feelings lead to lower self-esteem and their sexuality. In the long term affects not only the mood of the woman, but the sexual relationship because during sex, it will ask if you are moving increasingly well pleased if man if he noticed how I S made three folds of fat in the abdomen, obviously that folds classic porn women do not have. Increasingly concerned about their sexual performance and increasing concern not satisfy lover, she will not be able to enjoy their pleasure, reaching eventually be unhappy so her sexual life, as well as the couple.

Moreover, a mature woman who has good sense will not be able to take it to get her partner is watching porn. In the meantime, what can I ask? To stop watching? Forbade him to look at adult film as a mother her son 13-year ban smoking? A woman with a mature thinking understands that some things, customs and practices in relation to somehow come by itself, on its own initiative partners. If his lover, finds it okay to look at porn, levelheaded woman considers that there is no argument to make him understand that his actions bother him.

There is the case where the woman has not so mature in thinking and begin to quarrel with her partner after learning that he was watching porn. Arguing will not, however, anywhere, for a man who has the habit is already in a relationship will find it perfectly normal that he does, being able to compare their practice to watch porn with woman walking by stores shoes.

Either way, it is placed in a very awkward situation that has practices in reaching hands tied and feel insecure in themselves and in their own sexuality.

On the other hand, there are a large number of men who watch porn, whether they are single, have girlfriends or are even married. In those cases in which they, their partners, they are looking at adult film, sex therapists advice is do not compare with porn starlets and try to communicate as partners in order to reach a compromise. Easier said than done! In many cases, women trying to come to terms with it and to rebuild confidence in their sexuality in other ways, if their partners shows that feel the least bit guilty that they did feel bad. Either way, the practice of watching porn because there are many tensions in couple relationships.