TECHNOLOGY: Print your sex toys with SexShop3D.

TECHNOLOGY: Print your sex toys with SexShop3D.

Are you familiar with the concept of 3D printer As the name suggests, it’s artifacts instead of writing on paper, as does that we have at home or in the office, using various polymers to create objects in three dimensions. At present its most widespread use is in the fields of medicine and industrial design (to create prosthesis or parts) but shouted that at the time when prices were more affordable to the public what use to be would give ? Effectively to create rubber cocks.

Print your sex toys with SexShop3D

And, as usual, after the revolutionary ideas always come some clever willing to try to get an economic return. This is the case of Thomas Sancelot, founder SexShop3D last year, an online store that provides models for their customers their own sex toys are printed at home.

“Privacy, comfort, personalization and cost are factors to consider in search of sex toys, and all that is what gives you the 3D printing says Sancelot. “You can download 3D toys designed by SexShop3D for only a few dollars and then print many copies you want in the privacy of your home”

Sancelot also says that some customers have expressed concern that the toys are safe for intimate use. “With 3D printing, objects are created by overlaying different layers of material. This creates microscopic voids between the layers so we must make sure to get a good finish before use for intimate pleasure. “

Silicone and ABS plastics are preferred by sex toys 21st century materials, so make sure to print with filaments ABSwarning Sancelot. Then you have to polish the toy until a smooth surface for subsequent spray it with thin layers of silicone

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