The most reliable method of contraception

The most reliable method of contraception did not know1

The most reliable method of contraception did not know! When it comes to contraception, women today enjoy a lot of options, but it means that there are many more issues to consider and choosing the right is more difficult.

Here are the most reliable methods of contraception and the advantages of each one!

The most reliable method of contraception did not know

1. Condoms

It is no surprise that condoms are still considered to be the safest method of contraception. They not only prevent unwanted pregnancy, but also the transmission of diseases and infections. If there is a risk that your partner is a carrier of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), and your relationship is just beginning and have not done together analysis when condom use is mandatory.

Advantages of condoms:
They are not expensive;
Provides protection against STDs;
– Apart from the men, there are options for women.

The disadvantages of condoms:
Sensations are less intense;
Latex may cause irritation;
Their effectiveness in preventing pregnancy is 85%, and some doctors recommend using a method of contraception.

2. Diaphragm

The diaphragm is a soft, flexible membrane that is positioned in the vagina to prevent sperm entering the uterus. To use this method of contraception, you must use a gynecologist, who will choose a model suitable to your constitution. It will make you a briefing on how to use them, and, once in two years, you will need a control to exclude the possibility that it will be damaged. Also, if you have suffered major weight changes, it is necessary to make a visit to the doctor will adjust the aperture or will replace.

Advantages diaphragm:
If used correctly, have a failure rate of only 3%;
Is the perfect option for women who can not take hormonal treatments;
Is effective immediately and has no side effects.

Disadvantages of diaphragm:
May increase the risk of urinary tract infections;
Has rules that must be followed strictly use;
– Used with a spermicidal gel.

3. Contraceptives

Birth control pills are another popular method of contraception, especially because they come with many advantages and there are many options of pills on the market. There are various pills with progesterone and the estrogen and progesterone. Their efficiency is very high, but are recommended only in serious relationships in which both partners have done tests and there is certainly no one wears any disease.

The advantages of contraceptives:
Relieves menstrual pain and reduce the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome;
Regulates menstruation;
The progesterone decreases the risk of ovarian or endometrial;
Increased efficiency;
Convenience of use.

Disadvantages contraceptives:
Must be taken daily at fixed;
Their effectiveness is decreased by the administration of certain antibiotics and drugs;
Decreased libido;
Tenderness of the breasts;
Estrogen and progesterone pills can cause blood clots;
Affects the liver and can cause heart problems if they take the person smokes.

4. Contraceptive Injections

Contraceptive injections are a simple contraceptive method, which takes effect long after it is applied. They are especially suitable for women who forget to take their birth control pills, potentially pregnant.

Contraceptive injections advantages:
Failure rate is only 1%;
Are made every three months.

Disadvantages of contraceptive injections:
Require a visit to a doctor;
Can cause irregular menstrual bleeding;
Long-term use can cause a decrease in bone density.

5. IUD

IUD Advantages:
Effectiveness rate is 99%;
Effective long term (5-12 years);
Not affect sexual life;
Takes effect immediately, so it can be used as emergency contraception if inserted within 5 days of unprotected intercourse.

IUD disadvantages:
If you have an infection after it is introduced, there is a risk of impaired fertility;
Releasing IUD with copper ions can cause abundant menstruation;
The device can be rejected by the body and expelled from the uterus.

The most reliable method of contraception did not know2

Before you choose the right contraceptive method, take a list of all possible options and discuss them with your doctor. Only he can help make the right choice for you and your body.

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