Things about sex that you need to know

SEX ADVICE: 15 things about sex that you need to know up to 30 years: The more you get older and trends change, the more likely you are to feel overwhelmed and do not know how things are when it comes to sex. First, you must remember that you do not need a lot of information when it comes to sex, but a few tips on myths and sexual labels, about truths and things that you need in the bedroom you can use anytime.

15 things about sex that you need to know up to 30 years

So, read 15 things about sex that you need to know up to 30 years, lest you ever feel overwhelmed or taken by surprise:

1. Men do not care if you wax

Do not let anyone tell you not to wax for weeks, but you must remember and that if you want, want you, not your feet finesse. If you take by surprise the next time and you pass through going to deny it just because you’ve shaved three days ago, making a huge mistake! No need than you and feel good in your skin to be sexy and confident.

2. Size does not matter

At least not always matter. Global studies show that women are more interested in the form it is their partner’s penis, rather than its length. The advice you need to keep in mind is that size does matter, as long as you feel good and you want your boyfriend the next day.

3. All women masturbate

And if you do not do it until now, the most important advice about sex that you can receive is to start doing it. There are women over age 50 who masturbate and there is nothing wrong with this. The more you know yourself better, the easier it will be discovered and you let your sexual partner for maximum pleasure. Nobody knows better than you what you like and what not.

4. Change of scenery helps

When you have a stable partner, things tend to become monotonous at a time. You can avoid this, given the following advice about sex: change of scenery excites two people closer and louder than nudity. Try to be more tender, sexy, in public places, in your kitchen, the hallway, or why not on the washing machine. If you did not know that sex in unconventional places do wonders in a relationship, now is the time to put this advice into practice and become better at sex.

5. Guides you sound signals

Men do not always know what they like women when it comes to sex, and this comes from their fear that every woman mimics orgasm. Sexual Tip: Every time you do you have in bed, show him this, moaning. But not compliment him for nothing, that only you will have to lose then, because you think it’s a sex god. There will be of no use to lie.

15 things about sex that you need to know up to 30 years2

6. It’s never too late

If you have not yet taken the notebook to write down these vital sex tips, you very well remember the following detail: it’s never too late to reactivate passion. Even though it’s been a long time since you had sex with your partner, it does not mean that you can not fix this. All you have to do when intervening periods of saturation and monotony is to start somewhere. Get sexy lingerie and go and seduce it!

7. Phone sex will close

When to go in the city or in the country in a business trip, it’s better to leave it unsatisfied. Give him a call at night, tell her how much you miss and try phone sex. People who say that long-distance relationships do wonders. Deserves to try it, right?

8. Fantasies have exploited

By the age of 30, you must learn the fantasies they also have their purpose in a relationship. As sex becomes routine, the pleasure will decrease. Try to costume him or try to spice up your relationship by choosing prohibited places or exciting for your sex parties.

9. For them size does matter

All these rules and barriers that men hear they only make them less self-confidence. It seems that about 85% of women say that size does not matter so much, while only 45% of men could say the same about themselves. To be sure you get the gender that you need, make sure your partner that you are happy with how it looks.

10. Men like you anyway

Whether you left you with a mini skirt, socks or a shirt terry broader men will not care. They had enough time, it is assumed that you know by heart empty and only need a point and closes his eyes to be able to imagine everything about you.

15 things about sex that you need to know up to 30 years3

11. Kissing is the most important

Stable relationships are built on trust and respect, and the passionate kisses. Women are much more willing to go under the covers with a man kissing them hard. Sexual Tip: learn to kiss as best you can, until the age of 30 years because men and women think alike when it comes to kissing.

12. Women should be a priority

When it comes to obtain orgasm, women should have it first. And this is because women are more generous and careful with their sex partners once they reached orgasm. In this way, everyone is happy and, of course, satisfied.

13. Orgasm in women is difficult

Sexual Tip: Do not get mad if you fail to reach orgasm during intercourse, it is an absolutely normal. The thought that you’re the only woman who can not orgasm that way, you were wrong. Know that a third of women do not reach orgasm during intercourse. This is due to lack of stimulation of the clitoris, the most reliable source of infinite pleasure for women.

14. If you can not help it!

Contrary to widespread opinion, men can not do it anywhere, anyway, and especially not after the age of 30, when their testosterone level drops significantly. So sexual advice that you need to consider in this regard is that you must be patient with him and you can be as seductive. After all, no men are not just machines made ​​love.

15. Experience!

Even if you passed or not being above 30 years must constantly experimenting in bed. Remember that the things that excite you, him going crazy. After all, life is too short to get sex unsuccessful party. The costumes of characters, sexy lingerie or sex toys to spice up the relationship can, and bring you into the ninth heaven.

Now that you know the 15 things about sex that you need to know up to 30 years and remember the following sex advice: if it is attracted to you, you should not worry about the! When it comes to love and attraction, men will not care that you do not know them or you do unhook the strap tea after sex; they will like you.


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