Tiffany Shepard aka Leah Lust, a former biology teacher is now adult film star

Tiffany Shepard aka Leah Lust reshaped: Former biology teacher to adult film star! reshaped: Former biology teacher to adult film star! Tiffany Shepard says she sent resumes to over 2,500 companies, but no one wanted to hire her. Therefore turned to the pornography industry.

She lost the post of professor of biology and become porn actress. It’s an American of 31 years. She was fired from the school where he worked, on the ground that was photographed in a bikini, and the pictures had appeared on the Internet. Upset that can not find any job, she decided to take revenge” became a star in adult films.

“I take pride in my profession. To be honest, I really dislike,” said Leah Lust

. “I’m an educated woman, I never thought I’d get to do that.”

Stage name” of the former teacher is Leah Lust. Until now, women occurred in five pornographic production.

All actors in porn are the analyzes to date. I have a document certifying that does not suffer from any venereal disease“, says Leah Lust.

Leah Lust

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