TIPS ABOUT SEX from GRANDMOTHER! Ideas oldest woman will make you blush!


A young from USA received a very strange gift from her grandmother, Carmela. The woman gave her a letter in which were some tips on sex, and the old ideas will get downright shocking.

Some ideas and tips about sex grandmother Carmela find themselves following:

If the woman does not feel anything when having sex with her husband, blame might be heading. Should she try to stay on top and then you feel happy.
Woman to take care that the penis is clean when the man wants to have sex. It would be good to ask her partner to wash with soap and water before you even start intercourse.
Men are pigs and would like to have sex every day. But she should not be. However, to calm the man can give her pleasure by hand.
A woman should never do oral sex if you have cuts in your mouth, and anal sex is totally forbidden because it can get sick. Furthermore, women should not swallow any semen.

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