Top positions of the woman on top sex

Sexual positions where the woman sits above are exciting for men who like strong women or for those who like to be dominated in bed. For women, however, positions in which they take control are real challenges are exciting, so many of them do not give aside from trying them. Or at least it should. Moreover, almost all sexual positions where the woman sits above provides a deep penetration angle adjustment possibility anytime intensity and speed of movement. Top 5 Positions the woman on top sex.

So, I made the top 5 positions with the woman on top, just good test!

1. Position Rodeo
The classical position that sit on top, just like your back. Clitoral stimulation possible in the initial version, is now replaced with a feeling of excitement intensified by friction mount of Venus with the genital area. The angle of penetration is very good and the place is comfortable for both. It is worth not sit above face your partner if you know it excites you to see and caress your buttocks. However, in just seconds you can turn to face him.

Top 5 Positions the woman on top sex

2. Position Dance
It is a comfortable, fun, relaxing and a very intense penetration angle. His one loves to sit comfortably without doing practically nothing. Just gets pleasure and admire how you get when you sit on it. Eventually, if it is out of reach and love, it is enough to stretch hand to stimulate your clitoris. Who knows, maybe you’ll get a clitoral orgasm vaginal and at the same time!

Top 5 Positions the woman on top sex 2

3. Position 69
How to watching one of the best known and most taboo’ sexual positions? In her version of the classic 69 position requires a woman to sit on top. Subsequently, there were some variations of the position in which the woman sits underneath or on the side. He deserves 3rd because it is a sexual position in which the woman is spoiled, sit comfortably and although no penetration, intense pleasure is offered each other.

Top 5 Positions the woman on top sex 3

4. Position Crab
A sexual position unique and extremely exciting because it combines direct eye contact, stimulation of erogenous zones, G-spot stimulation and the ability to switch from normal to anal sex (attention, not vice versa!). In addition, it is a sexual position comfortable for both of us, especially if it helps you move your hips keeping. Moreover, you control the penetration, but that does not mean he can not try a few moves, synchronizing it with you. Be careful, though: if movements are sudden or too fast, you may end with some unbearable pain for him in the genital area!

Top 5 Positions the woman on top sex 4

5. Position Fortress
It is a horizontal hug and even more than that. You can vary the intensity and angle of penetration, caressed and kissed you can let your partner and you can caress too. Unlike other positions with the woman on top, now you no longer have control. Just lie down comfortably on your lover and you let him do most intense movements, which can be circular and slow.

Top 5 Positions the woman on top sex 5

If you’re not close to your partner, we hope you imagination ran not too far. And if you are a lucky man around, then put your thoughts into practice! Which of the five sexual positions with the woman on top is your favorite?

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