Tribute for Bruna Ferraz: A decade of pure Brazil!

Bruna FerrazTwo decades later, the production company Brasileirinhas continues to operate at full capacity to launch some of the Brazilian productions that manage to cross the country’s borders and commercialize in Europe and the rest of America. And perhaps one of its most representative stars, a lady who has never had space in because we simply have not seen the right moment or the material that deserves, but now that the carnivals come in Brazil we can not lose the opportunity to put On the track of Bruna Ferraz.

Veteran illustrious in her country, will soon be a decade of her debut in the porn industry (precisely in a production of Brasileirinhas) where he has practically done everything and has been able to boast a privileged physique, a talent for the pelvic movement Proper of her origin and a beauty that does not always accompany this type of woman.

PS: The best ass in Latin America.

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