Video chat Report . A girl can do 500 EUR per month.

We met Ela at a friend’s day and was noticed by her naturalness and because she was always smiling.

Ela VideochatWe love these people and we did not need much persuading to get into it with her. After about half an hour we tattle about the party, the people present and the weather outside, I asked her what they do. Still smiling, looking into my eyes, told me that do video chat. We tended to get away, most likely because preconceived ideas, but then I said that each chooses their own path in life, and if she chose it, it means it has some good reasons. I avoided them but to ask a few questions about her job and was not bothered by this.


How you have to be to work on videochat? It’s one of the things that they did John to engage in such a place. There are no physical criteria shootout, but skills .. especially the communication. As a customer you can keep as much on the line” you have to talk with him and to talk need to have the need to find interesting topics that make him not to close the client. It is important that you have 50 or 65 pounds, you can do that if you have something special and if you feel within you that suits you. Videochat is not for everyone, but that does not mean girls who do that are lower than others. This is what Ela and I myself I struggle to absorb all this information to be on stage at these answers, not to judge and to draw some conclusions later, if you are fired.

How win a girl that makes video chatting? The answer is it depends.” Ela only non-adult videochat earn between 300 and 500 euros. This means that, just talking to strangers via webcams, you can collect an amount slightly larger than a minimum wage, without stress and without demanding efforts. She said you have to be truly a “apparition” to do 500 euros just talking, but she manages to do that because it is cheerful, well known English and even makes people feel better, that many of the men who enter the videochat sites have problems couple are alone and are probably affected emotionally. Even if it seems hard to believe, there are situations in which girls are there just to listen and nothing else.

How do you get to do videochat? Lure of money, various existing financial problems and the desire to win quickly and well are some of the motivations girls who choose this job. In addition, managers promises about work are extremely attractive. Ela works part time, flexible hours and never complained about the attitude of his bosses. He said that getting a good job and definitely will not give up too soon on this job, especially as he needs money to pay its faculty. Dreams of someday working in tourism, because discussions with people who came in contact via videochat community have convinced her that it is the most beautiful that can exist. I wished them luck and told him never to give up the dream or if it really wants. And to myself I said I will never judge a person by appearances or by the job you have, whether it is the cashier at the supermarket or manager in a big company. And that because I saw people in important positions who do not deserve the place, and people like Ela who, although working in a field blamed by many, is a sensible man, open, communicative and very smart.

Video Chat

What is gained in adult videochat? Depends on how much you get involved and how much “you want to give.” There are girls who take their job videochat full-time, they like to do that, are unpopular and not interested in what those around them. When you get involved and you want to earn money you can easily exceed the amount of 1,000 euros. Every girl knows what do when they are alone in the room with the client” or, and this is something only they know. No one is subject to perversion, is the freedom of each to do what they see fit.

Are customers and in Romania? Ela working Videochat which can not be accessed by the Romans to protect the identity of the girls. But Ela enter sites outside and pay like any other client in the world for video chats. Said better stay with all the girls at the party and if you want talking the other day about this, because I am very curious. Not declined, a sign that is not the kind of person to be ashamed of what you do. Meeting with Ela changed my opinion a little about people in general. Do not urge anyone to turn to videochat, just because it has some financial problems. Rather it is a job for which you callor not, that you know fits you like a glove.

And, once again, everyone has freedom on this earth to choose their own path in life. As I chose to work in communication, so Ela has chosen (for now) to do videochat.

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