Virtual Real Passion is born

In 2014 the Real Zaragoza Virtual Porn (at that time Oculus Real Porn) placed themselves at the head of the world avant-garde creating the first porno producer specialized in content for devices of Virtual Reality (Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard, etc). Now, January 2017, the company marks a new milestone with the presentation of its latest project: Virtual Real Passion, the first VR porn website focused on female consumption.

Virtual Real Passion is born

After several years filling the market with the best hetero, gay and transsexual porn, Virtual Real Porn considers that the time has come to dedicate to women a space where they can feel free to experience their most hidden fantasies. Following its usual dynamics, the videos are in 3D format, with a 180º field of view (compatible with iPhone and Android devices) and are filmed in POV (first person) style, however this time the view will be positioned from the Feminine perspective to favor a maximum immersion.

“You can move around, you can walk around and you can see from different angles” says in a press release Leonor Laplaza, CFO of the website, “It gives you great feeling of presence and immersion.”

As a complement to the experience, the web also offers compatibility (sex toys with Internet connection) like Kiiro ‘Pearl’ vibrator, which synchronizes with the activity of the videos increasing the immersion to dimensions that touch the very same reality. And now, with the launch of Virtual Real Passion, you can get a Pearl for free!

So you know, if you want to experience the porn of the future you only need a VR glasses, 2.95 € and visit the website.

Virtual Real Passion

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