A company has launched a device called OhRoma that gives the sensation of smell for those watching adult content in virtual reality. The 30 flavors on offer vary from heated bodies, intimate areas, aphrodisiacs, chocolate or flowers to the field.

OhRoma looks like a gas mask. Flavor intensity will be controlled by a dedicated application for smartphones.

The device costs $ 70 and can be used with existing VR headsets, such as HTC Vive, Oculus Rift VR or PlayStation. A flavor cartridge costs $ 10.

OhRoma is produced by a company CamSoda that has introduced several innovations in adult content.

CamSoda market plans to launch a service called “holographic live streaming”. Videos “Holo-Cam” will be filmed in a special studio, and users will see content using pyramids that works with desktop, phone or tablet.


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