Do you want to know what men think during sex?

This is normal for women to want to know what men think when they love them. Well, to the disappointment of the fair sex partners are times when the mind is totally elsewhere than in their sheets when making love.

Do you want to know what men think during sex

You wonder what your boyfriend’s mind flying when you have sex? Often they can think things more or less important, which is not always related to intimate moment.

How to bring their girlfriends to orgasm faster

Indeed, men are always thinking when you are in bed with life partners how to be the best and to satisfy. We all know that they reach orgasm more easily to tens women. For this reason, the partner will give interest and will always want to feel loved as well, to have an orgasm and be as excited as he was. But will not say this out loud because she does not want to believe that he is proud and boastful.

Porn actresses are always present

It’s no secret that some men fantasize all kinds of women appearing in magazines or celebrity special dedicated adult films. This happens often when making love with life partners, although most representatives of the stronger sex keeps these moments auto stimulation scenarios. So, this situation must not frighten the fair sex because men have fantasies about other women even if their love life partners.

Football! Football!

It is well known men’s passion for football. Even when in intimacy with life partners, most often escapes the mind throughout the sport. They find it all in his head a football and especially when they want to delay ejaculation.

Also on sex, but otherwise…

Most of the men came to mind all sorts of fantasies, but do not have the courage to talk about them with life partners for fear of being refused. For example, they want to implement a scenario of adult films, but I am convinced that girlfriends are not the kind of women who accept such a thing ever.

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