World Cup causing massive losses for porn sites.

FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil causes to traffic fluctuations recorded pornographic web pages, reports Huffington Post Saturday, based on the statistics portal Pornhub.

World Cup 2014

Their conclusion is clear: when low national team, the number of hits of the famous country YouPorn, adult videos site decreases dramatically, the effect being strongest for the German squad.

Note there have been changes regist erYouPorn counters to match ItalyEngland. After their favorite team won 2-1, the Italians have increased traffic on the site mentioned by 80%.

And the match NetherlandsSpain traffic fell on porn: from 40% at 60% Spain and the Netherlands. After the defeat suffered by the Spanish , 5-1, their countrymen returned to normal at YouPorn instead Dutch number was 10% higher.

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