When you feel you have found the perfect man must learn several things to keep. It is good to have in mind to do little tricks have eyes only for you and to know how to reinvent yourself constantly to keep the flame of love alive.

Keep in mind that sex is very important in any relationship the couple and for this reason they must be vigilant. And a satisfactory sex makes us happier than any other experience. But to make a man to be dependent on you must know a few sexual tricks .

You want to make a man to be dependent on you

1. Always wearing provocative lingerie

Sexy underwear was always a good way to diversify your sex life and naturally increase sexual appetite. Any woman dressed in a provocative underwear will feel much stronger and attractive privacy and will not delay partner to indulge in gestures of love. This can be a challenge for you and you should not prepare or to invest a lot, you just need sexy lingerie that you feel good. Certainly, this little trick will make loved to be dependent on you.

2. Give them from sexually everything he wants

Oral sex is unquestionably one of the best tricks gives the most incredible sexual and erotic sensations and feels that she wants a man. There is nothing more exciting to him than to be looked challenging his girlfriend during oral sex. So not only have to let your inhibitions and shyness aside when you’re in the bedroom with your lover and gives them a great show. It is very important that you give in sexually what he wants and so, you’ll increase your blood and you will determine you want more.

3. Ask him about his sexual fantasies

No matter how wonderful you feel in bed with your lover, it is important to remember to constantly communicate and find out which are the innermost thoughts of him. Naturally that they are mostly of a sexual nature, and if you find out sexual fantasies, this can help pretty much intimidated. And if he wants to put them in practice, the better, because your sex life will be more interesting.

4. Tell them what to do you in bed!

Most women are aware that they must express their wishes in bed, so your spouse will not guess how to bring them to orgasm. But in practice things are a little different in the sense that few women have the courage to talk about what will happen to them in terms of sex. Take courage and directs your lover during sex, because the only way you can get a full satisfaction on erotic plan.

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